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BBQ Sauce: Tangy, Sweet, and Heat!

In a sauce pan mix
1 1/2 cup ketchup
1 cup tomato sauce
2/3 cup apple cider vinegar (I use off brand because it is not as strong)
1 cup water
½ cup dark cane syrup (or molasses)
1 cup brown sugar
1 Tsp Smoked paprika
1 Tsp Salt
1 Tsp coarse black pepper
1 Tsp onion powder
½ Tsp Cayenne pepper
½ Tsp Roasted garlic powder
1 Tsp yellow mustard
Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 min.
If you want it thickened you can boil it and reduce it some

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey y’all it’s Timmy and Chris withcolored belly cooks and today we haveChris’s signature barbecue sauce nowwe haven’t given you all barbecue saucerecipe in the past because we’ve beenkeeping it secret but we’ve decided tolet y’all in on itChris took it to work the other day withsome pork and everybody loved it so muchthey were filling up cups that hecouldn’t even bring me back home hardlyso we’re gonna give you the recipe todayyou have got to make the sauce it is soeasy it is so delicious and it will keepwell so make up a batch and you’lldefinitely want to make it again it isjust amazing y’all got the perfectamount of spice in it the perfect amountof vinegar in it and sugar so it is nota spicy sauce it’s not a real vinegarysauce it’s just right even if you thinkyou’re not interested in making barbecuesauce you need to watch this videobecause it’s so good after you make itonce you’ll make it again and it’sreally simple we’re going to start offwith ketchup it has the most in thisrecipe and we put it in a whole cup anda half of ketchup I’m gonna put it allin this that she could see what I’mdoing then we’ll take it over to my ownso that it can be get warm becauseelectric is not instant heat so we’regonna put in 1 in 1/2 cups of ketchup[Music]all right we’re gonna put a cup and ahalf ketchup of course we use times sowe’re gonna put this in first cuz it’sthe thing to use the most next we’regoing to put in a cup of tomato saucethese are the small 8 ounce cans and soit’s gonna take a little bit more thanone of them not a lot more but just alittle moreokay so we’ve got the salt in therewe’ve got the ketchup in there now we’regonna do our I’ll do on my wits firstwe’re gonna use some vinegar apple cidervinegar of 2/3 of a cup yum yum now thisis not like your Carolina barbecue sauceto where it tastes a lot like vinegar Idon’t like that kind personally but it’senough vinegar make it taste good andyou’re also gonna add a cup of water allright there’s all of our wits except forour spirit and let’s see how much syrupit gets it gets a half a cup of darksyrup so I’m gonna use the samemeasuring cup[Music]and we’re gonna pour in a half a cup ofthis dark syrup now this is cane syrupyou can use molasses but it’s even alittle bit stronger than this this ispretty strong if you want to see whatbrand we use you can look at the bottlethis is a lot of them are not pure syruptheir life cane flavor you want to makesure and get the real thingthis is made in Montgomery Alabama soit’s a southern cane syrup and it’s apure cane syrup and then we just get toadd all of our delicious spices exceptfor our sugar you’re gonna use somebrown sugar and you’re gonna put in awhole cup of brown sugar all right wehad some syrup I mean we had some brownsugar that was already open so I’m goingto use it it’s actually dark brown sugaryou can use darker light either one thedark will have a little bit more flavorin it so we’re gonna put that in and nowit’s time to add delicious awesome herewe go with the spice the we have quite afew that are a teaspoon so we’ll startwith them okayteaspoon of smoked paprika smokedpaprika 1 teaspoon okay and then youhave a teaspoon of salt and my tomatosauce was actually no salt[Music]so I think I’m gonna put just a tiny bitmore in it because of that okay allright and then black pepper we’re gonnause a teaspoon of black pepper let mewipe this off before I dip it back downin there a spoon now the first timeChris made this he used coarse blackpepper because it actually gives thesauce a pretty look when it’s poured outyou know you’ve got those big pieces ofblack pepper but now we’re down at thebeach in our little mobile home and sowe don’t have it here so if you want touse the coarse black pepper do that itlooks pretty okaynow we’re gonna put in some cayennepepper all right first I got a teaspoonof onion powder so let me wipe off thisand let’s get our onion powderyummy I love onion powder love it allright and then cayenne pepper is a halfa teaspoonnow we’re sliding to half but the restof these cayenne pepper 1/2 a teaspoongarlic powder[Music]we don’t have out let me get my garlicpowder off all right we got a half ateaspoon of garlic powder wipe yourlittle teaspoon off it after each oneyou don’t want to mix them up in theircontainers all right the only thing wedon’t have left we’re gonna go down thelid list we’ve got to catch up watersauce brown sugar cane syrup apple cidervinegar smoked paprika salt black pepperonion powder garlic powder cayennepepper and yellow mustard is the onlything we got left y’all and we just putin a teaspoonit’s not right now we’re gonna bring itover here to the stove mix all that tothe side and we’re gonna put it onsimmer crease is gonna actually makehamburgers today and tomorrow we’regoing to do some pork chops with a saucebut you’re gonna want to whisk it prettygoodlet me get out my with this is anonstick skillet so you don’t want toput metal against you know you say metalutensils so I’ve got a silicone spoonand a silicone whisk down here andmatter of fact I think one of my fansgave me this whisk to use down here Igot several things down here that thefans gave me to use down here at thebeach they’re so sweet and some of I hadheard from in a while so why don’t y’allsay give me a shout out how about it cuzI want to make sure you’re stillwatchingBetty Mooney that’s one of them and Ican’t remember everybody but I know shesent quite a few things for me to havedown here she uh oh and so did MaryMitchell I think and quite a few peopleI’m sorry if I’m leaving you out but youknow how my brain works if you’ve beenwatching me for a whilenow I’ve got this mix pretty good youwant to make sure that mustards in theregood cuz it doesn’t make little specksin it now we’re going to simmer it yeahthis is the best stuff so after it comesto a good bubble make sure you mix it upreally good get all those spices inthere real well so that you don’t haveclumps or something nobody wants youknow you want all that pepper to beblended into all of it not just onelittle part so make sure that once itcomes to a bubble you get a real goodmix with it okay y’all since we put in acup of waterit is pretty thin if you want it to be alittle thicker all you’ve got to do isturn up your heat make sure it’s in anonstick saucepan and let it some ofthat water bowl off of it so just bringit to a boil this is an electric stoveand I got it on about a five and it’sbeen boiling for about I guess abouteight minutes or so and it’s allgetting a little bit thicker justthought I’d show you all that so that ifyou want it to be a little thicker youcan do that so we’re going to pour sacoakwe’re gonna pour up our sauce deliciouscoca-cola nice BBQ sauce boil it alittle while so it’d be a little thickI’m hoping it’ll ring my thing that’s aone quart jar y’all I think I’m justabout overfilled it huh right at the topyeah I mean so it makes a good Court andenough besides the court to use for theday you make it okay we’ve alreadybarbecued us up some hamburgers on thegrillChris loves barbecue hamburgers withonions so we’re having a delicious Angusbeef hamburger with homemade barbecuesauce it’s gonna be delicious and onionlet’s put the lid on there let it cooldown and you’ll be able to keep this inyour refrigerator if it’s still hot likethis it would probably even seal believeit or not cuz it’s really really hot letit just let it cool down to roomtemperature put it in the refrigeratorit doesn’t matter if it’s silver and onand this should keep very well probablyfor at least six months we’re gonna puta little extra sauce on this burgersince our jars full and we got some leftthere we go yummy goodness Wow a mustardlover y’all so I’m hoping the lights formuster all minea little lettuceI’ll take a bot I always cut my burgerin half every time I just like to I justhate to pick up that big fat burger andstick it in my mouth it’s just full bugdelicious Chris got it done for me ifyou’ve never had a barbecue burger youstrut it’s a nice change gives yousomething else to eat with hamburgermeat simple economic meal making yourown sauce makes it even better thanksfor watching color Valley cooks wherewe’re giving you our family secretbarbecue recipe

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