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BBQ Smoked Spare Ribs | All The Smoke | How To Make

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome to my channel all thesmoke if you want to know what mychannel is about check out myintroduction video on my page anywaytoday let’s just get straight to itright here I’ve got some pork ribs Iwant to show you guys how I make mysmoked barbecued ribs now I’ve gotreally long pieces here I’m talking sixto seven inches I didn’t ask them to cutit I wanted it your straight meat thisis a really nice car I mean you can cutsome fat pieces off by like they alwayssay this is not competition stuff thisis home style don’t forget to commentand always don’t forget to subscribethat’s cool[Music]as you see a lot of times people willstart trimming a bit of these fat piecesoff there’s not really that much fat onthis I’m honest TV already pared it downon my paper towels as you see so it’sreally dry so yeah I just want to kindof show you guys what we have to do fromhere in terms we’ve got to cut thismembrane out off so once we take thatmembrane off first things first we’regonna add the 8 a 8 my AP rub and thenadd the mustard I use mustard as a holdideally and it doesn’t the flavordoesn’t necessarily go into the fieldbut I just make sure that I put I don’thold my seasoning then obviously lost ismy barbecue rub I’ve got another videoon this show you guys I wanna make thisthis is an awesome piece I put it on mypork I put it on my chicken I put it onmy beef like it’s an all-purpose rub[Music][Music]okay guys I’m back now I’m gonna hit itwith the AP go fill up the API in andthey pretty much got skull in with theBBQ AP Rob will tenderize the meatpretty well heavily salt based about itnow we’re getting it for the magic[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]so now with that nice piece of meattheir overhead view you can seenothing’s falling off it’s all stuck onthere so I’m gonna let this sit forabout today we’re in there for an hourand then I’ll take it outside I’ll showyou guys how I’ll kind of prepare thebarbecue first and I’ll take you outsidesure you got power small hit awesome seeyou guys in a few bit[Music]but anyway I want to show you guys howit looks just before I throw it out onthe smoker so I’m gonna go get the smokealready okay guystold you I’m gonna come outside luckilyit’s not raining well it was raining ohmy god it’s a bit wetneedless to say hopefully you guys don’tmind a shakiness but I’m gonna do itright here in the back of my god and Iwas fired leaving my stuff around so Idon’t have my barbecues here but the oneI wanted to show you guys today with wasthe one that I recently bought offAmazon so I’ll probably put it in a linkas well but this one’s for you Jamiebecause you actually want to know how Ido these things so I’m putting it outjust so that you get an idea if you guyslove itI’ll keep doing this more face lesshands let’s do this I called it thesmoker box but it’s got three teams atthe bottom you’ve got the coreabove that I’m gonna have my wok boxthat’s gonna sit on the top layer andthen I’m gonna get this and the booksare gonna sit on top all that the porkrib I’ve got beechwood here I actuallyprefer cherry wood for the pork ribs butI’ve run out of that or I just don’tknow where it isanyway got my chimney ready I’ve got myshredded shredded paper in there just tokind of help the fire run this chimneyhelps a call kind of burn up quick andthen when it’s ready I’m gonna pour itinto there trying to do this in thecamera background let me set it up foryou guys and I’ll be back I got mytemperature gauge running waiting forthat to be about 70 right now we’re on39 38 when I hit 70 the meat will go inand I have another probe into the meatso as you see we’re gonna have to letthis come up to temp before we put themin and then we’re good to go so I’ll getup and I’ll bring in the meat the houselet’s get this meat in[Music][Music][Music]all right I’ve been hooked up up exceptwhere I thermostat up whether the meatfor 18 degrees smokers there are threeto five that will go back up one foot upand ecovillage this is it that we wokeit up and born to dance for you Jamiewe’ve been asking you want to see moreface I’m putting the faces in theremaking sure it’s less hands but that’sthis process we’ll be back in about twoto three hours to check on itand then continues to you after thatwrap it up take it inside get about thefew schools on it bring it back heartit’s a long process but the flavors areawesome hopefully you guys love it[Music]all right guys you see it’s getting abit darker about three four o’clockright now but I’m still out here smokingit’s bringing about feet in about threehours with this on sorry about 12 stillgot a watch to go I’m talking aboutanother four or five hours potentiallybut I’ll give you the halfway joint thenthat you see where we are right now[Music]now obviously it’s not fully cookedwe’ve smoked it for about four and ahalf hours again low and slow now thenext process is we’re gonna wrap itwe’re gonna add some some juice to itand wrap it and then just go again for anumber for four and a half hours fivedepending on on the temperature and howwe can keep the temperature kind of likethe I do I like to borrow on 85essentially but keeping it wrapped alsoensure that it’s gonna you know thejuice that we’re gonna add to the doughto it it’s gonna make sure you justkeeps it nice moisture eyes and justkinda get some without flavoressentially I use apple juice – just atouch of apple cider now I ran out applejuice so I’ve literally decide to dosome apples a little bit of sugar alittle go a bath and a barbecue rubso now the next step we’re gonna get itwrapped up[Music]but I’m gonna hit it with an AP and thebait and a half with the ballyou have a Hopf we’re gonna put on top alittle old-schoolthen we’re gonna get a nice piece ofmeat we’re gonna go Benny fried towndon’t forget to sitI said don’t bring your diet around here[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]hey well guys as you can see it’s flatpack now what I want to do now is doyour best of getting that flashed inlet’s get around got my thermostat backin now I’m gonna take it back outsideagain it’s dark outside now so it’s kindof irrelevant take the camera out butthere’s not really much to see anywayit’s just gonna be around for four hoursso yeah next time you guys seen thiswe’re gonna opening it up[Music]my friend it’s been about seven and ahalf hours doing this thing he did aboutfour and a half hours smoking it thefirst time around then we did free and abit hours just kind of wrapped it youcan see all the juices just drippingI’ve got the thermostats still runningin they wouldn’t take that out nicelyI’m excited to see how it’s gonna belooking I have not I have not opened itso just as your senior is when I’mseeing it I’ve got my little heat proofgloves under so I can touch this thingabout getting burnt oh boy let’s uhlet’s go in let’s go in talk to me I’mgonna flip it on the overhead so youguys just get a nice sight or what’sreally going on here my gosh yes you cansee the bones look at that guy was justpulling apart the bones are just comingoff I’m gonna just be cheeky him to takea tape for mine oh just mine oh my goshI don’t know where to start with thisbut yeah um if I can get it up for youguys a lot all right a meat is justfalling off take a look at that justtake a look at that for a moment guysthis is prime pork ribs small oh I don’tknow what to say but I’m looking forwardto eating this today anyway so the nextstep is I’m gonna move it from here andI’m gonna put it on a dry set of oil I’mgonna glaze up my barbecue sauce andthen I’m going to put it back outsidefor an hour just sitting on just lookingat mine it’s just falling off guys it’sjust it’s just it’s just coming off it’sjust coming off that’s really what I canface this car but yeah um now you flipit change it and I’ll show you that I’llbrush it[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]I’m gonna take this outside now enoughof the barbecue displayed[Applause]guys we are back we are final I thinkwith that to be honest with you this isa really it’s just really cool in thequarter hundred this fit in mind this isthis is a situation look it’s got a nicedeep red labored colors properly or yousee here I’m gonna do a little quick cutjust to give you a lot perspectivewell you see with a nice red ring aroundhere and then you’ve got the main piecesof you just looking the scrumptiousI’m gonna go for a taste step sorry guysI gotta do this I go itpapiI meanit’s just falling off the bone guys oh Ican give you them bump with him let melook at that it’s just coming on come onlaughs come onyou know I just I’m notlet’s give you a perspective yeah it’sliterally just just pool you know theygoboyI don’t know what you’re eating todaybut this right here you really reallywant to get thatapologies if the sound is the situationbut this is really nicewell yeah just hide look sad happy thatyou guys join me I put you right nowall my pieces order but your guys thankyou for joining thank you for followingthe protest I hope you guys loved it Iwant you to try this thing and give mefeedback so the comments in the chat inthe in the video don’t forget tosubscribe don’t forget to thumbs up I’mtrying to do what I can to make sure Ishare my experiences of you guys I wantto keep from you guys as well as alwayswe’ve done it we’ve cooked it hope tosee you again in the next one[Music]

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