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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel ownsmall date I’m gonna keep you real surei’ma show you guys how many of mybarbecue rub[Music]essentially I put this on all my meat mybeef my pork my chicken whatever it maybe this like my go-to seasoninghopefully a lot of the ingredientshopefully have their seasoning theflavors play around a bit give mefeedback let me know how you guys haveenhanced it essentially let’s do thisall right so I’ve got my mixing bowlherekeep it real easy to keep it real simpleI’m gonna form just kind of keepingthings going essentially I’ve got myprime seasoningsI want my paprika I love soft brownsugar and I have in the very sugarpretty much these two going first[Music][Music][Music][Music]I am now box[Music][Music]awesome see that gives me about half ofpretty much about half of my containeryou can play around with the ingredientsin terms of quantity what I’m giving yougive you pretty much about half of thisand that’s pretty much it with this donewe close it up give it a shake BAMbarbecue rub number one I got I got twoupper ones that I really like but thisis like my go-to this is what I put onmy pork what I put on my beef even on mychicken this this is pretty awesomehopefully you like it hopefully youenjoy it as always don’t forget tothumbs up don’t forget to subscribedon’t forget to comment let me know whatyou think let me know how you changed itup let’s keep cooking[Music]

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