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BBQ Wing Sauce from the Hot Grills Of Texas

This is a delicious BBQ Hot Wing Sauce anyone can make. Produced by the star of Hot Grills Of Texas DJ Rick McNeely


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Video Transcription

[Music]how’s that go on everybody this is DJRick and I’m with the hot grils of Texasand you guys know I’ve been working myshow for going on five years nowit’s 2020 and I’m approaching this yeara little bit different this time I’mactually going to give you guys recipesthat you can do it yourself you can goalong with the barbecue that I reallyliked a lot and you know this is thefirst time that someone actually saidhey if I’m once at a restaurant andshowing all the cooking stuff why can’tthe host cook so we will be doing somesmall cooking segments you might say andthe thing about it is they’re going toget bigger yeah we’re just waiting forthe right time and as the yearprogresses you’ll start seeing more ofthese delicious recipes sauces mixeswhatever it is that’s gonna enhance thebarbecue that I like so much so you guysjust sit back and enjoy this segmentthis is actually what you might call awing sauce like a barbecue wing saucebut you can use it for anythingput it on your hamburgers put it on yourhot dogsput it on your chicken and put it onwhatever you want to wing sauce isalways been a sauce of mine but you canuse a per sandwich isn’t anythingyou fit so we’re gonna get started andmake this hot wing sauce so we’ve gotabout five maybe six tablespoons ofbutter which is about a third of a cupyou don’t have to be precise it’s yourrecipe I’m just gonna give you thepattern you take it up any way you wantto take it so top of the ingredientsyou’re gonna need you’re going to needbutter you’re going to need yourfavorite hot sauce not Tabasco sauce butthat’s what you want to do fine you’reprobably going to need some honey andyou’re gonna mix it all together withsome spices like salt and pepper totaste that is something that you canchoose to do but you don’t have to do itseason it any way you see fit so we’regonna get started now in this pot I’vegot about again five and a half to sixtablespoons of butter I kind of like thebutter that’s already melted but you canget the regular kind to slice it up dowhat you have to do most of that isthree measured on the wrap anyway ittook me a while to figure that one outif not go to google they’ll give youprecise or close to the amount you thinkyou’re going to need so we are going toget this good melted it’sa few minutes perhaps and we’re going tolet that do its thing while that ishappening you can add one cup of yourfavorite hot sauce it can be any hotsauce mile super hot not as hot it justdepends on your taste so get yourfavorite measure it out get about a cupor so and you pour that in also andyou’re going to mix that in with a whiskI’ll learn that too you will need awhisk okayall right well you got your sauce goingand you’re gonna have your butter goingand I like to get that kind of startedand just sit here and whisk for just alittle bit that’s gonna break up and itshouldn’t take long your fire on theother hand can be probably about amedium because you don’t want to burnthe sauce we all know that you don’twant to burn the sauce and good foodtakes time remember that people most ofyour cooks and everybody else will tellyou good food takes time so when you’redoing all that you’re getting everythinggoing you’re gonna stir it up a littlebit you’re gonna get your fireunderneath it it’s gonna start at thebubble and do it as opposed to do that’sgonna be quite normalso take your time stir itand when it looks right then you canprobably add either brown sugar or honeynow I prefer both I like sweet thingseverybody knows I like good sweet saucesbut here’s the thingbrown sugar regular sugar I think it’sgot a little different taste to it butnothing like that pure honey and fromwhat I understand honeyit’s more healthy for you anyway thenbrown sugar or regular granulated sugarso we’re gonna be adding some honey toitI think I did a segment one time about ahoney mustard sauce right well we’regonna be adding some honey to this tooand the eyeball it here probably about 2to 3 tablespoons you can always add morelater to choose – you got to mix that inyou guys see that color going get allyour ingredients going we got to mix ithere until it looks pretty good[Music]okay let me tell you something I had itjust a little bit more honey because Ilike the flavor to come through I wantit to be sweet but I also want thepeppers to come through also so youmight have to add and kind of taste italong the wayit’s your sauce taste as much as youwant but I’m here to tell you once youget the right mix it’s gonna be goodnow you can simmer this thing for aboutten minutes I would say and I wouldprobably keep stirring just to make sureeverything is right there where you needit and after you stir it and after itkind of gets up it starts to bubble alittle bit kind of month I wouldn’t haveany time after that and if you havesomething to get to a fret then likeyour meat it’s already ready off thegrill or if you broiled it or if yougrilled it hey you know what this canalso be good on a sandwich like I saidearlier so get creative with it makeyour own sauce you can save a lot ofmoney doing this and on top of it it’s alot of fun so we’re gonna update thisand put on the website again you guyscheck out hot girls of Texas that’s theplace to be for 2020 we got barbecuewe’ve got restaurants we’ve got recipesall kinds of things we’re gonna begetting into 420 tonight so you knowwhat keep doing it have a lot of funmake your own saucemake your own stuff go out to thisrestaurants that we talked about andhopefully we’ll have ourselves awonderful 20 20 Oh see you soon[Music][Music]

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