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Franklin BBQ inspired homemade vinegar based barbecue sauce recipe

Here is a great BBQ sauce recipe that was inspired by Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ. We show you how to make homemade BBQ sauce from scratch. This vinegar based homemade BBQ sauce is perfect on pulled pork, pork loin, even BBQ chicken and anything you want a bit of Franklin BBQ sauce on. I love that vinegar BBQ sauce flavor and savory sweetness gained from the simple ingredient list for this home made BBQ sauce recipe. Great on pulled pork or even beef, I tend to go for vinegar based BBQ sauce on pulled pork. I made one simple change and thats substituting the chili powder for chipotle powder. Does that qualify to make it my own? Tell us what you think.
One medium yellow onion chopped
Half pound of butter melted in sauce pan
One and a half cups of low fructose (sugar) ketchup
Half cup of apple cider vinegar
2 ounces light brown sugar
About a tablespoon of chipotle powder
About a teaspoon of granulated garlic
A little more than a tablespoon of black pepper
About a teaspoon of salt

Caramelize the onions in the melted butter over medium heat. Then add all the rest of the ingredients and simmer over medium heat stirring regularly. Simmer until desired thickness. Pour into container and let cool and drain off excess oil that will form on the top. Or you can leave it just the way it is. You will love this tangy bbq sauce recipe!Try adding or subtracting the chipotle powder to get the desired heat. That’s it, cheers!

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Video Transcription

hey guys tonight I’m gonna show you howto make a really quick delicious tangyvinegar-based barbecue sauce with alittle bit of kick stick around[Music][Applause][Music]welcome back to another episode ofgreenhorn barbecue beer glad you guysstopped by tonightsassy kitchen Queen is is over there onInstagram and I’ve got dogs outside ofcourse so right now time to smash thatsubscribe button hit that Bell so youdon’t miss a thingalright as the intro suggested we’regonna be making this really deliciousbarbecue sauce now I want to give goodcredit where credit’s due I got thisrecipe from Aaron Franklin at youguessed it Franklin’s barbecue AustinTexas well we’re gonna switch it up alittle bit and instead of putting chilipowderwe’re gonna put some chipotle powder inthere now Chipotle powder as you know isa little bit hotter than a jalapeno orgreen how you know they use redjalapenos has been allowed to mature andthen they roast them and smoke themgrind them up into powder and you’releft with Chipotle powder so it’s reallytasty kicks it up a notch gives it anice little Southwest Flair that’s whatI’m looking for I’ve also adjusted thegreediness just slightly so let’s getstarted alright guys here’s theingredients you’re gonna need okay youwant to get yourself one good nicelooking yellow onion medium size andchop that thing up really fine and thenyou want to pour it into an already warmbutter bath and let those onions startto caramelize okay you want this allright you guys know what caramelizedonions look like I don’t need to showyou so we’re gonna put these on a mediumheat and let them caramelize up youdon’t want that butter to burn so I’llmake sure you got a nice medium heatokay some of the other ingredients youwantis going to be a half cup of apple cidervinegar cup and a half of your favoriteketchup about two ounces of light brownsugar a heaping teaspoon of granulatedgarlic a heaping teaspoon of kosher saltblack pepper and that’s potent a powderthat I was telling about earlier againyou want these onions to caramelize upso if you’re barbecuing this is a goodtime to go check the smoker alright itlooks like the those onions are gettingcaramelized pretty well so I’m gonna goahead and get the ketchup ready okaythat looks like that’s just a littleless than a cup and a half so I’m goahead and use it okay there we go thatlooks pretty goodthe next thing I’m going to do is I’mgonna have cup of this apple cidervinegarthat’s gonna give it its tang I’m justgonna I’m gonna slosh it around a littlebit make sure I get all glass bits ofthis ketchup on and she goes all rightnext thing goes is sugar the salt garlicblack pepper and last but not leastchipotle powder make sure I get everybit of that all right then we’re justgonna give it a nice stir really goodgive it a little bit of heat there okayyeah that’s looking pretty goodokay not all my ketchup came out so I’mgonna try to coax a little bit more ofit on out there okay so I found a littlebit more ketchup put that in there oh mygod now the house is without ketchup butwill we do babe the ratios I showed youdefinitely you need a cup and a halfketchup for 1/2 cup of the vinegar allright guys all you got left to do now isboil it I’m gonna boil mine for a littlebit longer so it gets a little bitthicker and then I’m gonna use thisseparator to dry off that little coat ofoil organicallygonna get the top now if you refrigerateyour sauce in the morning you’re gonnahave that little thick waxy film at thetop you just pop it up that way too soyou don’t need that but that’s what I’mgonna do all right guys thanks forwatching this segment of greenhornbarbecue here check out the descriptionbelow for a full list of ingredients tothis recipe we’d love to hear yourcomments what you think how you changeit up for your own likingand ladies gentlemen be sure tosubscribe and tap that Bell and we’llsee you on the next one[Music]

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