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Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce cooking pork chops & shrimp on Alabaster Living

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Video Transcription

[Music]I’m here with my friend Dewayne Thompsonwith Big Daddy bomb barbeque sauce andhe is got a layout for it Hey look we’regonna do it big right Big Daddy bombbarbecue sauce Big Daddy big things Ilike it big all right now check this upwe got some pork chops right we got aseason well we have some quotes BigDaddy bottom barbecue sauce on the porkchop on the front and again just kind oflike give it a little stick to it yesyou know just put it in and let it cookon through once you put it in the panwhat that you can’t actually use it as amarinade with a little um if you like tohave it overnight put it in there let itsit and soak all the way through youknow but this is like a quick marinadeif you lay it on top you put it in thereyou move it around and get it all overthe meat what I’m excited aboutyeah take this up my love the meatsthe shrimp alright so on the shrimp butI see them I really really well mix themup very very good so once again we’regonna take this I know you say he usethat on everything that’s why it’scalled total total seasoning you put iton the right nice healthy portion of itnow in the pot already though in the potwe have something brewingit’s an alfredo sauce with somevegetables some broccoli some squashright few potatoes and some sausage sowe want to take these shrimp oh yeahwe’re here they perked up when you standout Fredoyeah that’s Lily’s favorite he’s gonnatake these shrimp we’re gonna go aheadand get them seasoned really really welland this will be the final touches to itbut it’s over though I’m just doing whatit does cooking and making everythingyou know smells and tastes great butthese shrimp won’t take long once theyget in there and it’ll be the finalbatch so we already have our pastaboiling ready to go but we’re gonna makethis a nice shrimp vegetable Alfredoand of course in a little sauce this bigby yourselfbut I’m gonna let them taste it andthey’re gonna tell us how does barbecueand Alfredo go together I think it’sactually pretty good but you know Imight be able to buy it one of thethings I’ve discovered with all yourrecipes is the sauce tastes different ittakes something it takes it takes onwhatever yeah it’s being perfect combowith everything we’ve tried and you knowone of our slogans is it tastes good oneverything so if we say that we have tostand by then actually everything thatwe’ve tried on it actually has it bringsits own tastes that each and every meeta texture of what you’re using on butthis would be a you know like a finalfinale of what we’re doing in thissegment that thing was on it you knowthey say go hard to go home we’re gonnago big or go home and I think they’rereally gonna enjoy this our family andfriends one thing too for coming out andhanging out with us but um it’s me thatculminating meal for the night we’ll goahead and we’ll turn that fire up on theUM on the post actually can bring thisover here we’ll drop that in all rightokay so tell us what you have going overhere so we have the pork chops thatwe’re gonna lay in a pan and we’ll getthem going but we also have in the potalreadywe have the alfredo sauce with somesquash okay some broccoli few potatoes acouple of mushrooms and some sausageactually some turkey sausage and we’vehad that going for a while to geteverything nice and tender get it workedup but we’re gonna go ahead and addthese shrimp to it let’s see how thatworks for us one time for our cameramanwho can’t eat shrimp gonna really missout on this one but we’ll eat a littlebit for him you know we’ll pull out ashrimp for him so why would get all thatgoing together you’ll hear those porkchops over there searing and remember weput that uh sauce on it on the front endbut as we talked about once before whenyou night so it doesn’t really burnwhich is still amazing to me that saltisn’t burning still has a nice littlegoing look to itnice color um once again with your porkchop sandwich estate people use to theiryou know some people do it medium-raresome do we’re okay smells really goodwhat I told you we’re gonna go big solet’s see what is itwe’re this height so like I said we havewell some squash in there some potatoesshrimp some broccoli that’s a meal initself right there you really we havepork chop on the side so we’re gonna goahead and add this to the top of that ifwe can find us some sausageliberté let me a little bit of each onewe’re gonna sit them down before weserve them because we still have tofinish them all not only the big deadlybomb barbecue sauce but we have a littlecheese we also have our Parmesan cheeseand yeahMexican mix cheese it’s kind of hot inhere like they’re actually waiting forwaiting for something to add to the baseyeah yeahso how long do you think this takes forbear who rolled it um I think it’ll beabout 20 minutes or so maybe thirtybecause of I said it depends on the sizeof your pot what all you have in yourpot oh and they’re letting it cook tillthis gender’ mmm kind of making sureeverything cooks all the way through theflavors cook all the way through youdon’t really want to rush it but like wesaid all of these mealsyou don’t know without all of thesemeals of meals that you want to be ableto come home and cook after worknow if the loan there’s where you don’twant to really have to stand over thestove oh we gotta get in feed the familylet him enjoy the meal and suppose Ihave a little surprise with a littlemushroom on this one so we’ll go withthatand now we’ll just we’re taking we’regoing to each playerMexican mix they fit that Mexican mixand then Parmesan cheese on it it willcome with a robust uh G cheese flavoryou don’t have to do the extra cheese Ijust think that uh most possibility iskind of good with the cheese and theParmesan cheese kind of gives you thatItalian to you you know right I’m afoodieso anybody wants to already you knowokay let’s see what our family andfriends thinkthis is greatbut we appreciate it and I like we saidwe really just want people to understandthat Big Daddy bottom barbecue saucegoes good on everything it’s not justfor you to pull out the grill of coursea deal Sunday evening you want to use itwe actually our endeavorit’s a hopefully that this sauce willbecome a tabletop sauce in every houseevery restaurant every hotel you knowalong with it you catch up your mustardyou my name and big there yourselfthat’s how holds that’s our dream forcompany and with good people like youtelling your friends and sharinghopefully they’ll pick up on it and atleast have it in every table acrossAmerica so yes sirand I think everybody here would agreetonight that it really does once againthis was a fantastic meal by my friendDwayne in this Cynthia clink Thank YouKim again for having mealabaster living thank you all forhaving Big Daddy bottom barbecue sauceon to do this cooking segment andhopefully reach those people and theystart using the sauce on everything goesgood on it yeah that’s right gotta goget some[Music]

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