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Easy Sauces | How to Make Cocktail & BBQ Sauce in 5 Minutes

We are in the kitchen!! Making simple sauce can save, time, money and make an ordinary meal, extraordinary! Join The Bitches every Monday as we discuss middle-age badassery, real life done perfectly imperfect without apology



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Video Transcription

you buy cocktail sauce well how do I sayhere when ice you can’t there’s no wayyou can say it nicely welcome to anotherepisode up but it’s is in the kitchenI’m Jenny I’m Chris and today we are inthe kitchen back in the kitchen we’regood we’re in the kitchen every week butI’m actually gonna be work do you don’tget up doing kitchen stuff we’re gonnado kitchens by the way I just want youto know and I want you all to know thatthis hopefully will be the last episodethat we are ever cooking in the kitchenwith that in apronwe need aprons you know my cute littlebitches aprons one of the things that isso simple that most people don’t dobecause of convenience but one of thethings that Janet and I do at homebecause it is simple it’s easy and onceyou get what the hell are you guys arebirthing like okay well I can’t myeyes have sauce one of the things thatJanet and I do is we make our own saucefor the most part scratch from scratchpeople are really either won intimidatedor to just to be frank it’s way easierto grab a jar off the shelf I challengeyou the next time you go and grabsomething off the shelf if the numberone two or three ingredients is notsugar dextrose fructose corn syrup etcI’d be shocked so that’s one of thebiggest reasons why we don’t it reallyis very easy to make your own and 99.99%the time you’re gonna have all the stuffanyway because you use it for otherstuff in your house so Jane that’s gonnamake cocktail sauce I’m gonna makebarbecue sauce it looks like a lot but Ipromise you it really isn’t I didn’thave any tomato sauce in my house I havetomato paste which you use a little bitto make a paste by an having tomatosauce all I had was tomatoes so beforeyou all arrived here on set including meincluding Janet I got the grater out Itook four Tomatoes I grated them whichyou slice them in half and just use themon a grater simple took like two minutesand this is what I ended up with so thisis a version basically of tomato saucewe should probably have a bedfirst this to me does not this doesn’tremind me of a wine I was thinking beerI can do beer we’re making barbecuesauce for God’s sake exactly I’m goingto zoom zoom a little bit of olive oilsome fresh basil that I happen to havefrom my basil plant and a little bit oftomato paste and some garlic throw alittle bit of this in here with it I’msimply going to pour a beer and thenJanet’s just making beer today we aredrinking a blonde something German yesthat is definitely not well Germanwhen you end up liking good bourbon youalso like good beer that’s weirddo we need to add bourbon probably Ohget itmmm tomato sauce delicious I’m sorry forsome sauce and never I find some bourbondid I do yeah what Lisa hates itno I trust you how much oh yeah I guesslaughs that’s good there we’re gonnazoom zoom this up real quick taste thedamn beer oh oh look at the color yeahit looks like you know that looks likethe tomato soup that they used to serveme in the cafeteria when I was a childwhoo that’s very German based on Fridaysand it was tomato soup and grilledcheese I love tomato soup and grilledcheeseI know bits like that was a weird thingTony did soup and grilled cheese I I dideat it as a child in the cafeteria onlyday that my mother let me buy lunch ofcourse I don’t know why either that’s alie we better go get another beer herelet’s say no it happened it needs tohelp cuz that’s not it’s kind of likethe German Budweiser it’s kind of weirdso that helped to my clients that I willsee you later on today I impossibleadvance so I don’t uh oh I don’t they’regoing back I don’t measure a whole lotthis is probably gonna be way more saucethan I need well it’s okay you can givesome to me so I’m gonna add a littlemore tomato paste see I want to do thisall in a food processorwell I okay we’re like my Vitamix orsomething just like pour it all in I’mgonna add a little bit of Frank’s okayso barbecue sauce I mean there’sTennesseethere’s Kentucky uh-huh there’s Georgiaso some have high vinegar some hotsummer sweeter some are green some arebeige some are red some are brown rightso pick the direction that you want togo savory sweet doesn’t have to be theexact region i what am i correct andsaying like this is a very forgivingkind of a sauce oh yes you don’t reallyscrew it up really can’t so I don’t Idon’t measure as you can see but I’veadded in a little bit of ground paprikaone of the things is smoked paprika addsa really good flavor I use a little bitof Worcestershire not a lot liquid smokeand I’m also using bourbon smoked seasalt in this one onpowder I think I would cook onions andthrow them in the gym gym I wouldthicken their I would have used a littlebit of chili powder I the other thingthat almost all barbecue sauce housebelieve it or not is vinegar apple cidervinegar can it be any other vinegar itcould be this is a copycider vinegar gives a little sweet layerto it I would imagine well yes it justhelps blend the flavors and then I add Iuse it this is my favorite tool in thecountry oh yeah I use agave I love awire whisk some agave it’s gonna add alittle bit and the jury is out on thegob Abe but we’re gonna use it anywayyou could use honey I’ve used honey inthe past if I had this this morning soI’m using that wonder if you could uselike coconut sugar you can of course youcan that would come wid so I use alittle bit of molasses as well believeit or not there’s a little bit ofmolasses her a little bit holy shitballspolish it both that’s a lot I need alittle bit more what smoke and I’ll havea garlic does it need mmm he’s a littlemore paste because of consistency yeah alittle bit because it doesn’t needanymore tomato no it needs more savory alittle more hot where’s your where iswhere are your crushed red peppers whichI have gotten alot yet that was my lastthat is like your go toI do love crushed red pepper this yearwe’re sure worst Shire so as you can seea little bit of this a little bit ofthat taste as you go what’s your what isyour fancy I personally think this isjust under spiced I think if we justramped up all the spices and let it kindof fit now we hit in all fairness anddetermine this hasn’t been cooked so oryou have to cook this um I cook it downoh well they don’t make all thedifference yeah we’re I cook it down Ido love Chipotle Oh better oh so muchbetteroh yeah don’t be afraid of seasoningsand spices I’m gonna pour this in a panand I simmer it for about 10 to 15 inyour sleep yeah yeah I gotta give ashameless plug that you can also turnthis into a wing sauce realeasy to sew cocktail sauce is shamelessyeahshamelessly easy and so while I shouldnever say anything judgmental I’m goingto how do I say here’s a nice you can’tthere’s no way you can say it nicely twoingredients okay – and then you havecocktail sauce two primary ingredientsketchup and horseradish so this is anorganic ketchup I don’t know whether tostir it upside down convert this sidebut this one also says real ketchupsweetened only with honey no highfructose corn syrup they were talking mylanguagefor the sake of being efficient in mykitchen I’m gonna use the one that’salready been opened I have a big bag ofshrimp in the freezer I’m gonna have toopen this because I don’t want to messwith that um shrimp is a really easyappetizer straight up horsey this muchish bye I like I shrimp when it’s onsale throw it in the freezer and whenyou’ve got friends coming over you canyou can throw out a plate of shrimp inno time this is a ketchup horseradish solet’s just add a little bit you can addmayonnaise which I wouldn’t recommendbut sorry sorry sorrywe’ll walk that okay cuz this canbe a little overwhelming to people ifthey’re not used to cooking or if youcook by recipe but this this is twoingredients and you just adjustaccordingly that’s alright barbecuesauce barbecue saucebarbecues been simmering SMO vet tell meyour thoughts on the smell that could bea vaporizeryou are so letting got some BB q todayyou are so lowgot some didn’t you today can you buythat stuff on the shelf sure of courseand if you have to buy it on the shelfjust read the label if you’re going to aparty of your best friends you make thisif you’re going to a party that somebodyhas asked you to go to and you have noidea who the people are and you don’tgive a who they are as buying yougo buy a jar if I’m not awful that wasawful there are so many things that youcan make on your own that are so simpleI’m gonna go have lunch with Janet nowhere have a great yeah go make somethingreally delicious do something beautifulour beautiful boomer at Beach so youhave about three times right with a beera Boomer ed beer beer everything we likestarts with a BB Bourbon beer perhapsbitches oh my god be is our letter

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