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CannaBBQ Sauce & Get High With Me! | Cannabis Infused BBQ Sauce

Hola Amigas,

I hope this video finds you well, because it became such a pain in the butt to make for all of you haha. But ultimately I am happy with the results because I am so baked right now! The things I do for this channel lol!

This is another easy recipe that can be done in one pot, because aint nobody got time for dishes!

For the full recipe click here!
Easy BBQ Sauce Recipe & Smoke Sesh!

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Video Transcription

hola amigos and welcome back I’m KelseyKirsch the sativa zebra and best thisthis day has been rough this week hasbeen robbed bad things have been roughum this is my fourth time trying to getthis video recorded so it’s been a dayit has been a day so I’m very sorryabout how late this video was gettingout what can I say it’s been a day thisweek I knew I wanted to do and I madeyou know I’m making a video about how tomake your own homemade infused barbecuesauce I’m doing salsas because I reallyjust they’re so easy they’re soconvenient it is a great way to add THCinto your diet so that you can continueto having like the health benefits justconsistently and also you can just haveit a little bit of a hike it’s kind ofconsistently which is lovely yeah Ireally I really like sauces and I don’tknow there’s a there’s a lot of reasonswhy I love them and I think part of itis just it’s kind of a way like I knowthat there’s still a stigma aroundcannabis use and you know a lot ofpeople like oh if you’re if you’re likea STONER then you aren’t gonna besuccessful you’re not gonna you know bea good parent or like any of this likeany of this shit that’s just not trueyou know sometimes we feel judged and Ihave gotten to know a lot more cannabismoms thanks to tick tock and it’s kindof made me more aware of just how yeahjust how difficult it can be to be a momand also a cannabis user that’s why Ilike sauces and so if you are someonewho cannot openly use but you want toadd more you know cannabis or CBD intoyour lifestyle then yeah keep watchingand I also subscribe because that’s whatI do here this barbecue sauce is realeasy i dishes a Hades Hades he’s a punkyeah just a super easy recipe that comestogether in one you know small pot andit makes it good amount and I also giveyou a couple different ways that you caninfuse or you can double infuse if youwant what you need for this recipe isone six ounce can of tomato paste andall of this you’re just going to throwinto a like small saucepanyou are tomato paste with a quarter cupof water to start you might need toincrease I like depending on theconsistency you want I added about halfa cup of extra water into it when I wasactually cooking the sauce later on nextyou’re going to add your agave I hadsome infused agave so I decided to usethat if you don’t have infused agave oryou just don’t want to infuse your sugarlike that that’s totally fine you canalso use like a different sugar if youneed to you can use a honey which canalso be infused the same way as an agaveyou can infuse or you can use brownsugar if you’d like just whatever youprefer or whatever you have on hand thenyou will add a quarter cup of applecider vinegar add three tablespoons ofyour cannabis oil to it you can use thecannabis oil if you didn’t it infusedthe gall day you can also infuse both oryou can leave this step out if you don’twant to add oil to the recipe interestup to you I I decide to just go for itbecause I don’t really have any place togo with quarantine and everything sowhere so I just yeah I added infusedagave and my cannabis oil to it and thenyou add 2 tablespoons of an additionalsweetener so it can be molasses it canbe honey agave maple syrup probably evencorn syrup if you really wanted to or ifyou have it on your like on hand andafter that you just add your spices soyou add a tablespoon of chili powderpaprika garlic powder and an onionpowder and then salt and pepper to tasteonce everything is into your pot youturn your potlow to medium heat and I just used thewhistand I just you know as it came up andlike the temperature got hotter I justkept whisking and I just waited until itstarted bubbling a little bit and once Igot to at that point was when I turnedoff the heat and poured everything intoa glass container yeah and I used itimmediately so I threw it on some letout some meatloaf the husband made gotlike impossible meat and made like veganmeatloaf out of it so we poured somebarbecue sauce on Matt we like you canthrow it onjackfruit or pulled pork you can’t yeahit’s like whatever I was eating it withchicken tastes like chicken nuggets orchicken tenders earlier the previous twotimes I filmed this I was ignoring thecrinkling in the backmy husband is eating so just likewhatever you would use a barbecue saucewith and you can you know just kind oflike discreetly use it throughout theday and it’s it’s gonna be good it’sgonna be goodthat’s pretty much it guys after thatyou’re done and like you have adelicious barbecue sauce and then if youwanted to you could add like chili popor not not chili powder cayenne pepperto it or you could add a hot sauce ifyou want to make it spicy you know youcould just use for all the sweetenersbasically if you enjoy using honey or ifyou are okay with using honey you canjust use all honey you can use all agapeif it’s kind of a really just good nicebasic barbecue sauce that you can thenadd to it oh I almost forgot you shouldalso add some liquid smoke to thebarbecue sauce it always makes thingsjust that much better and that liquidsmoke actually kind of blends nicelywith the like cannabis smell and kind oflike hides it a little bit more sodouble bonus infusing is a great way tojust make your weed go a bit furtherbecause you can you can a little bitmore accurately dose with it and I usethis white ice that I’ve had I’ve usedthis like this concentrate the white iceI’ve used it for three recipes now and Ithink I have maybe like one more recipethat I can get out of itbut all of those have made big like bigbatches of said that I’m still using youknow that white ice only cost me $15 sothat’s all I’ve spent on the majority ofmy edibles although I did get this newstuff I’ll do it so they started outthis drink Sarah doubtful of a I gotchait’s called a drip I’ll do a video aboutit but it’s a THC infused syrup so thatyou can like infuse sparkling water likethis so that tells me about how I mean II’ve been drinking really slow today sobut yeah it was full and I was superpretty because I mixed the two flavors Ihave together so it was this reallypretty green color and now I’ve prettymuch drink at all whoa whoaI’ve lived in Colorado for six years andI still don’t understand the weatherguys it was I was wearing booty shortsand a tank top three days ago because itwas 90 fucking degrees out and now I’mwearing my big leopard sweater and Ihave our room heater on because it’svery cold today and no Colorado I loveyou so much but I will never get used toyou don’t think it’s possible but yeahnow that I’m just rambling I think I’mjust going to cut this because I reallyneed to get this video uploaded becauseit’s really fucking late and now this isgonna be like uploading at like midnightand you guys are all gonna hate meplease don’t hate me and yeah fuck itlet’s just okay we’re cutting so if youliked this video please like and commentand tell me what videos your would liketo see I think I’m gonna be doing aninfused peanut butter and jelly for nextweek so be preparedpeanut butter and jelly coming your waybut like you can also comment and belike hey I wanna see you make somethingelse so what do you guys want to seebecause ultimately I’m making this areyou guys thank you so much for watchingum now that you have liked this videoand hopefully you subscribe to mychannel for more videos um I just wantto say I hope you guys have a superwonderful awesome week and I am wishingall the best for you and we’re gonna getthrough thisand yeah oh wait no guess cuz look quicklook at this book my husband bought methis book it’s the vegan Starr cookbookand it is like the cutest thing I haveever seen like it here you know veggiesin there like under a lunch break andthen oh and this is them when they havetheir Munchie break it’s just so cuteso I think I might start making some ofthese recipes later after the PB&Jobviously because PB and J’s bye guys Ihope you have a super great wonderfulrest of the week I love you guys andyeah I love you guys

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