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How To Make BBQ Chicken Nachos | Rach Cooks At Home

Rach’s Homemade BBQ Sauce + shredded chicken = next-level nachos.

GET THE RECIPE: Rach Cooks At Home: BBQ Chicken Nachos

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Video Transcription

Barbecued chicken nachos.(whoosh)Per person, per portion, six to eight ouncesof boneless, skinless chicken breast, or chicken thigh.To poach any protein you want to add liquidjust to the top of the chicken breast or the piece of fish,any protein, whatever it is you’re poaching,just to the top, bring it to a gentle boil,low-rolling boil, and then cook it low and slowat that simmer pace until it’s cooked all the way through.The most important part is to cool it in it’s own juicesand let it calm down so you can handle it,and then strain and reserve your poaching liquid,your poaching water, okay?You can add aromatics, you can add fresh bay,some herbs if you like, but basically all you needis a good sprinkle of salt once it comes to a bubble,and water.So I just chopped up a little, two slices,chopped it up nice and fine, threw it in a big ole skillet,over a pretty low heat, medium heat.So any combination of sweet and hot peppers,about one cup of pepper per pound of chicken,and about one cup of chopped onion of any color or type,per pound of chicken, and about two cloves of garlic.We’re gonna sweat that first and let it cook out a little,this case in the drippings of the baconand if you don’t wanna use baconjust use a couple of tablespoons of olive oil or butter.Now that the veg is in there I’m gonna add a little garlic’cause that’ll keep it from burning,it’s all sweatin’ out together.And when we start guacamole or salsa,the real key is to let the onions and the chili peppers,jalapeno and onion, and I always add a little garlic,sit in lime juice, squish this lime, and a little salt,so we get all that good juice, look at all that juice,that juice is flavor.So it’s been breaking this down for a few minutes now,the onions and chilies, and then we’re gonna just popour ripe avocado into the bowl,oop!And now you can add a little bit of cilantroif you have it on hand, or a sprinkle of dried coriander.There’s our guac, go check outhow we’re doing in the skillet.These guys look good.(sizzling)And now we’re gonna build barbecue sauce around our veg.We’re gonna put in a splash of vinegar,hold your head back unless you wannaclear your sinuses big time.Couple of tablespoons of Worcestershire,you can use tomato sauce or ketchup,and you’re gonna want about a half a cup of that.Sprinkle of light brown sugar or dark brown sugar,whatever you have in the pantry,about two tablespoons of that.A little or a lot of red hot, or any hot sauce you like,you like things very spicy,so I’m gonna go a little aggressive there.A little smoked paprika or regular paprikaif you don’t have smoked paprika, sprinkle across the pan.Our reserved poaching liquid.So this is our barbecue base, and now we’re gonnalet it simmer in the poaching liquid in the veg.Put a lid on it, let it sweat out.(whoosh)So again, you can totally serve this as a sandwichon bread or rolls, or just in a bowl over rice or polenta,we got online, we found some Late July tortilla chips,you could use tortilla chips of any kind.Gonna take that and scatter it over the nachos.This is pepper jack and cheddar,whatever your favorite cheese blend is.(whoosh)Okay, hot from the broiler,there’s the barbecue chicken nachosand we’re just gonna dollop on our holy guacamole,ta-da!(applause and cheering)

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