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Cbd bbq sauce uncle johns bbq stand

Check out this video on 4/20 of us We made a special CBD sauce to go on with our barbecue to make it a CBD barbecue sauce we are located in Claymont Delaware right next to Wilmington Delaware we have some killer barbecue sauce and barbecue smoked barbecue barbecue sandwiches and much more check us out follow us on Facebook Instagram and come get smoked with us

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Video Transcription

what’s up y’all it’s Uncle John’sbarbecue go alive today I’m gonna makeup a quick CBDs sauce that we’re doingfor 4/20 we’re gonna just using a simpleTV CBD tincture I hope you can see thatI’m not really good with the camerastuff yet but I think that shows you soCBD attentionthis is all I use just a little sliverof butter like this little supertonic[Music]basically what we’re doing is making aCBD CBD barbecue sauce sweet sauce routeand honey and butter and CBD tincture toit once we have to see that you makesure infused with our barbecue sauce itjust comes together really nicely whothins it out just a hair so I’d like toput it in with a mix awesome it bringsthat zesty mix down a notch with thebutter so we put that into there it’sgood stuff this is receiving need I gotfrom California it’s very good I’menjoying it[Music]first thing tax-free shopI gotta stay open to make some moneyUncle John’s barbecue standOh John’s barbecueit’s myhoney in there like that get a littlewarm out a little CBD[Music]delivery can’t refute RockefellerClaymont Delaware right next[Music]Friday[Music][Music][Music][Music]it’s an old gas station we purchasedthat we’re building into a restaurant[Music][Music]like thattake my CBD texture those windows[Music]tincture I should say and the buttermixed together real nice I’ve got tocome into that fat like that it goesright into that boat[Music]righttake about a tablespoon[Music]I’m here with my big sauce that bigsauces are our nurseryand then we got to heart in the sweetgoodbyebut the money outside alone eating therenicely warm with the butter just turnthat into a really nice solution and itgoes into the big sauce and Briggs thekey from our mix down a little with thebutter that we have and this just isjust a really nice infused barbecuesauce this one’s for me taking this onehome of the night actually you know whatlike a little extra take this out makethis on my dinner something not surewhat I’ll have little mix-up with theborder to little CBD make me relax alittle before bed on 4/20 I’m sure youcan see that that’s just a beautifulsauce right therethat’s it guys CVD very few saucehonking dogs barking you stand for 202020 check us out on Instagram onFacebook on Twitter on YouTube we got aYouTube channel check us out on YouTubeit’s just awful John’s barbecue we’regonna get cleaned up break down thetruck for the rest of the day then wegotta get ready to do our thing on 4/20have a good day and don’t forget comeget smooth with Uncle John[Music]

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