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How To Make BBQ Sauce 3 Ways

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Video Transcription

and today we’re taking a look at how tomake barbecue sauce easy and simple andwe’re gonna do three types and this isan easy and simple sauce anybody canmake and just by adding one or two moreingredients you can have two extradifferent sauces for a total of threethe first thing that you’re going toneed is a saucepan and we’re gonna haveto stove off for now all the ingredientsfor the recipe are gonna be on thedescription and everything used on thevideo as well two cups of ketchupa quarter of a cup of brown sugar half acup of vinegar and we’re using applecider vinegar today if you want to usewhite vinegar you can do that as well orany kind of vinegar remember in yourhome you’re the one that gives thetrophy’s if you want a thinner barbecuesauce and and more vinegary you can add3/4 of a cup half a cup of water if youwant a thicker barbecue sauce just aquarter of a cup would be fineone tablespoon or worse casado sauce orwhatever you want to call it remember itis your kingdom and your fridge so ifyou decide to change some names on someingredients or even your dog kids orpets it’s all up to you but if you don’twant to lose your kingdomleaving your wife’s name with the sameor husband’s would be a good ideaanything else you’re the boss onetablespoon of paprika one tablespoon ofchili powder one tablespoon of onionpowder one teaspoon of turmeric or driedmustard or you can even use just regularmustard one teaspoon of ground pepper 1tablespoon of garlic powder let’s goahead and mix it all and that wouldconclude our first style barbecue saucewe can call it the regular one now we’regonna go ahead and turn on the stove andwe’re gonna place it on medium low ornumber three and we’re gonna do thatuntil we get the first bubbles and thenwe’re gonna mix on low or simmering ornumber one we’re gonna cook it for 10 to15 minutes if you’re gonna use rightaway you can use it as well you don’thave to cook it especially if it’s goingon the grillbut now if you want a sweeter sauce thenwe’re gonna add a 1 tablespoon ofmolasses and 1 tablespoon of honey andthat would be your sweet barbecue saucebut let’s say you want to take it allthe way and here in the state of oximewe like to do that then we’re gonna havea quarter of a teaspoon of cayennepepper but if you feel fierce todayhalf a teaspoon can get you there nowthat would be your sweet and spicy saucebut if you want the regular one withoutthe sweetness just remove the molassesand the honey and you would have aregular spicy sauce in this sauce youcan use for anything poultry fish porkred meat as a dip or even as face paintwe would just say remove the cayennepepper before you do that but don’tforget you are the king or queen or bothof your castle just don’t let yourspouse know don’t forget if you likedthe video please give us a thumbs upthat really helps if you have anyquestions please them in the commentsection below don’t forget to subscribefollow us on social media thank you forwatching and here’s a link to our latestvideo[Laughter]

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