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How to make BBQ Chicken Easy Basic BBQ Grilled Chicken

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey everybody welcome to the wolf pithey tonight we’re gonna make yourclassiceveryday simple barbecue chicken legsand we’re going to do this just likebasically anyany other backyard barbecue or grillerwould doso we’re keeping this simple we’re notmaking any special saucewe’re not making any special rub we’regoing to do this justbackyard down in dirty barbecue chickenlegsso we got four and a half pounds ofchicken legs hereand we’re going to just put salt andpepper on top of them that’s itno special rubs here tonight lots ofsalt and pepper[Music]all right so we got on that side we’regonna put these on the grilland when we do we’re going to put itseason side down and we’ll see the othersideall right today you’re going to see medo something that i very rarely doand i have the coals already lit andwe’re cooking on our jumbo joe tonightso we have a bed of kingsford charcoalover toone side we’re gonna put our chicken onthis side and we’re gonna cook itindirectall right so what we’re gonna do firstis add a couple little pieces ofapplewooduse whatever kind of wood you want oryou don’t even have to use wood[Music]a couple of small pieces right hereall right we got our chicken legs onhere and as you can tell they’re stillpartially frozen but we’re going to goahead and season them anywayit’ll all be good in the end we’re gonnaput some salt and pepper on these[Music]all right now we’re going to do is putour lid on put our lid directly over topof our chickenthat way you get the convection of theheat coming right underneath and overtop of thechicken meat and we’re going to keep ourtemperatures between 300 and 350 degreesthat way you get a nice finished skin onyour chicken you don’t rubyour skin on your poultry all right herewe are after about 30 minutes in thecookand we’re going to go ahead and startseparating our wings now you don’t wantto let them fully cookconnected like that otherwise they’regonna have little raw spots andnext to the chicken so we’re just gonnaseparate these just a little bitall right we’re gonna let these go foranother 15-20 minutes all right afterabout an hour indirect cookingour chicken legs are just about done sowe’re gonna go ahead and begin to bastetheseand we’re probably only gonna base thesemaybe two three times at the mostand when you’re basting you just wannaput a very thinlayer of sauce on top each time youbaste otherwise you’re just gonnabuild up a bunch of gunk on the outsideof the chickenso you just wanna build a little layerof flavor a little bit at a timeall right we got our first layer ofsauce on there we’re going to go aheadand put the lid on and come back inabout five minutesflip them over and base the other sideall right after about an hour and 15minutes and three bastingsour barbecue chicken is done and againthis is just yourbasic average backyard barbecue chickensalt and pepper bottled barbecue saucedoesn’t get any more straightforwardthan that anybody can do this so let’sgive it a try and see how it turned outlet’s grab one these are nice and stickyand good oh man it’s hotall right oh man[Music]you see it right there how moist that isyou get the nice smokiness like i saidthat one’s hotyou the nice smokiness from theapplewoodthe the very basic plain seasoning fromthe salt and pepperwhich to me is the ultimate seasoningfrom barbecuesimple straight forward and then you getthesweetness and the tanginess from thebarbecue sauceuse whatever kind of barbecue sauce youwant whatever kind ofbarbecue sauce you like use it andthat’ll be the perfect one for thisfor this type of chicken so let me givethis one more bite here and see if i cando this without burning my mouth or myhandsthank you guys very much for watchingand we’ll see you next time

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