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This is my rendition of Carolina Gold BBQ sauce. Grilled chicken is perfect for this sauce,, any grilled protein is great with this tangy, mustard and vinegar based sauce! German influence is the inspiration for this golden sauce. I added my own touch with garlic & other bits your going to enjoy once you make this goodness!

-apple cider vinegar { about 1 cup)
-yellow mustard
-grainy or dijon mustard
-Franks hot sauce or your favorite hot sauce
-dark brown sugar
-fresh minced garlic (mince real tiny)
-onion powder
-canola oil
-sweet Vidalia onion relish or Sabretts onion sauce
-smoked paprika
-water to thin out slowly
-worcesteshire sauce

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Video Transcription

Hayami bomb bombs welcome to cookie mixsix seven I’m cookie welcome to myfoodie sauce I’m sending you all whitechocolate kisses from where mind ofNorthwest Florida it’s yours whatwelcome welcome welcome as requestedthis sauce became popular and I’m sohappy about that I’m sharing with youhow I’m making this Carolina Goldbarbecue sauce with cookies touch akataluk cookie here you see me in this panI already have it heat it I added some aneutral flavored oil in this instanceI’m using a expeller press sunflowercanola oil I’m sorry and I’m gonna givethat a little heat and I have a fewlittle bits that are going to be veryeasy I’m I have some fresh garlic thatI’m adding and the ingredients for thisrecipe are going to be very easy for youto find okay now what I’m gonna do righthere is I brought the heat up to a hightemp because I am going to yes it lookslike I’m burning the garlic and in a wayI am but that’s because I want to flavorthe oil[Music]yes I’m adding this onion relish Ipurchased at paula deen’s restaurantthere’s a better pic for you you seethat I’m doing that on purpose I’m gonnaremove this garlic from the oil butdon’t throw it away save it for laterokaythis is just my little trick I’m gonnaset this asideright there Park it right there and nowmy oil is flavor and delicious take allthe bits in there so you don’t have anyburning love that just like that you seegetting all the bits out this is mylittle trick my little hat I’m usingthis to kind of cut down on all theother items that have hidden salts andsugars and sucrose and fructose anddextrose like the ketchup and mustardall of those things have sodium andsugars and it looks like that on theinside it’s a Fidelia sweet onion relishthis already has cane sugar in it[Music]you got to work quick with this one butit is so easy this is my my way of doingthe Carolina barbecue goal top now I’mgonna toss this in there[Music]okay she don’t want to come out they puther in thereI love that sound and you could turnthis this turns into a drinking cup ohwow it’s gonna be delicious I have mywashing machine going how rude anddisrespectful how do you put up with hersorry for the background noise I didn’trealize that my her laundry room doorwas open and you can hear everything inthe back man it’s room laughs yes do yousee that beautifulness already hasbeautiful coloroh no but we’re not done yet mmm the oilis already flavored with some Galax thisis all to taste you can follow preciserecipes if you want however this is aheavy apple cider vinegar base sauce andmustard this is a German influence saucebased on the mustard when the Germansettlers arrived in the south carolina’sthey put the mustard and stuff and youknow this is they instead of see on fromthat okay here we go yes okay got thatgoing I’m just eyeballing this I’m usingapples I’m using apple cider vinegar butyou can use whatever you like whichevervinegar you wantbecause I like the smoky flavor thatthis lens it’s also spicy so be carefulJesus bastard just like thatthis is gonna make an excellent saucefor my chicken drill my chickenI like to intensify the onion flavor sothat’s going in the toya little black pepperthis is a gold sauce I would havepreferred to use grainy mustard but Ididn’t have any so this is what I havesome Dijon mustard that’s gonna workjust as welloh my goodness look at this looky lookylooky I haven’t added any salt yet Wowokay I will be adding some water to thisas well okay bad now that’s gold tell methat’s not gold look at that little tatelet’s give it a little taste oh my goshWowwas she good her yes I am gonna add moregarlic to her of coursegarlic is very good for you you don’thave to put garlic in it if you don’twant toI’ve seen this made with shallots aswell I have some organic raw honey if Ineed to add a little bit of this forsweetness and to cut the tartness I’lldo that I let it reduce a bit for abouta good 15 minutes or so I put it onsimmer and I’m going to add I’m gonnaadd some water to it little by little soI get the consistency that I like themore you reduce this the flavorsintensify intensifies I’m gonna add alittle more of this smoky paprikabecause barbecues after all have thatlittle chicory smell I mean so I’m gonnaadd just a little bit of honey[Music]just like thatall right so I did wind up adding justthe pinch of brown sugar in thisinstance all I had on hand was darkbrown sugar because it needed thatlittle mm I don’t know that kept theflavor in thereshe’s looking good look at that look atthat but I think I don’t know I like thetexture of the chunkiness but I don’tknow if that’s gonna cause any flame upsor flare-ups on the grill so what Ithink I’m going to do is use her here wego[Music][Music]yes make this it’s the lead cutsoh yeah good old that browning oh let metell you that sauce right there that youmade the marinade I’ll call the marinadewell you can marinate and a that if youwanted that that thing right thereit’s the sloppiness stop it up yeah thatthing right there oh my gosh look at soI’m gonna go ahead and wash this up grabsome okay that’s in the wayoh sorry that’s mopping it up rightthe dressmom get the idea right as a maxi dressmm-hmmdress it’s off for a little later soit’s not contaminated with all that ifyou liked this video give me a thumbs upsubscribe I love you to join my fullysauce comment below and let me know whatyou think of this delicious it’s so goodI promise you it’s tank and do dishes inyou share the video why because sharingis caring and post a notification bellding dong ding dong ding da ding dingdong you know that little bell andselect off and smile your soul thank youfor itbe blessed not to stress and I’ll seeyou in the next to look

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