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I Marinated a Whole Packer Brisket in Sweet Soy Sauce for 24 Hours



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I Marinated a Whole Packer Brisket in Sweet Soy Sauce for 24 Hours

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Video Transcription

[Laughter]more[Music]you’ve asked for it and here it is abrisketmarinated in sweet soy sauce let’s findout if that is a good idealook spring is here we’re building inthe backgroundgetting that beautiful bbq barn done andat the same timewe’re cooking right here outside nowtoday we’re doing a highly requestedwhat you brisket sweet soymarinated we did the poll 81 percent ofyou guyswanted us to do the brisket marinated insweet soy sauce so we had to do itbut there was a big comment from youguys and you said welldon’t take a super expensive brisketdon’t don’tdo something stupid and we did noti went to the bottom of my freezer and ifound the one brisket down therethat has frost bite and here it is itrimmed it up this morning it looks goodagainand it’s ready to be marinated time toput our sweet sauce onto our brisketthis stuff is super sticky super sweetsuper flavorful and we need plenty of iton therenow we don’t need it to bathe in thesweet soy sauce we’re just going toapplya light coating make sure you rub it allin both sidesall corners and when it’s done put it ina vacuum bagseal it up and put it in the fridge for24 hourswe marinated it for 24 hours it’s timeto fire up the barbecue[Music]we loaded up the master build with bigblock charcoalput a fire starter in lit it upand set it to a temperature of 120degrees celsius which is 240 degreesfahrenheitnow let’s take a closer look at thatbrisketi cut the package open with a knife andtook the brisket out and immediately igot hit by that sweet soysmell that fermented soy beans and allthese spices that are in this sauceand it smells fantastic now we take alook at our brisketand we see the color of the saucepenetratedinto the meat this means all of thatflavorsis in this brisket this looks verypromisinglet’s put it on a master build smokerwe smoked our brisket with chunks of oaksmoked wood for two and a half hoursnow let’s take a closer look[Music]wow this looks really really promisingthe brisket picked up a lot of smallcolorthis is exactly what we’re looking forbut at the same time we can seethat the ketchup man is the sweet soysauce that’s still on this brisketis caramelizing on the bottom so we needto take it offotherwise the ketchup madness is goingto burn and we don’t want thatyou are used to cooking briskets youknow that the initial smoking time isaroundfour hours and with the ketchup mine isthe sweet soy sauceit takes apparently around two to twoand a half hours to get that smokedprofile onto your brisket and you wantto stop there becauseyou don’t want to burn the sugars in thesweet soy saucenow it’s time to wrap and the wrappingis an important part of the processbecause it will protect the brisket andat the same time let it cook a littlefaster[Music]after five hours our brisket reached acore temperatureof 202 degrees fahrenheit we took it outof the barbecue and placed it in acoolerwhere we’re going to let it rest foranother hour we’re making a nice bit ofprogresson our construction build and i’mexcited to show youguys this we got some big timber framinggoing on here this isdouglas wood solid wood it’s a bit of achallenge making videos in thissituation but we’re going to make dobecause the end result that’s whatcountsoh look at that[Applause]it’s swimming in a bottle this is justmind blowingwe got so much fat floating around inour paperand we’ve got that beautiful kiss up myknees or sweet soycolor that that beautiful outside sothis can only mean we achieved our goalsmoke sweet soy sauce flavor andbeautifulwagyu beefoh this is the stuff of my dreams if youwonder what i’m thinking aboutin the middle of the night this is ityes i know it sounds a bit crazy brisketmarinatedin sweet soy sauce look at how juicythat is and how tender that is andlook bouncy and yet a little bit of pullso it doesn’t really fall apart on us alittle bit of smoke ringand of course a little bit of burnedends from that sweetness from the sweetsoy saucelet’s give it a trywhat did you do with this knife nothinggot itit’s slipperyoh my god wash it it’s horriblei think i’ll have to sacrifice myself[Laughter]more this is literally the best brisketever manif i had to choose between salt andpepper and quesadillas i’ll take thisoverblack pepper and salt any day it’s likebrisketwas meant to be like this it’s smokyit’s sweet it’s got all these herbs init that thatkiss up my knee says it’s just reallygood i must admitthis snake river farm wagyu brisket isthisit is the i was going to say it’s thepeep butit’s really good this is the bestburnt end on a brisket i’ve ever tastedso tender so juicyso tasty we could win competitionswith this without even putting in theeffortokay so the wacu snake farmwas called again it did his part that’skind of in the story as well butthe ketchup yeah it’s the best thingyou’ve ever decided to doman i’m so glad i posted that questionif you guys were interested in seeing abrisket marinated and sweet soy sauce81 says yes do it we did ityou guys are brilliant i love you guysif you enjoyed this video then give us abig thumbs up and a comment down belowbig thank you to our patrons and ouryoutube memberssee you guys next time until thenand keep on eating brisket marinatingsweet soy saucei’m gonna make this again tomorrow[Music]this is really good morning this isreally goodi know i’m good but i didn’t know i wasdifferentit must be me[Music]this is why the point where you say noyou nothis is why you have to say no marshayou can’t be quiet like that i’ll justlet you talkyeah but it’s a then it’s a trap[Music]i love it can i have a beerall aboardyou

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