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At Legally Sauced, we know flavor, and we’ve bottled our very best creations so you and your family can enjoy what we believe is truly the greatest sauce and seasoning there is. Our Judge Cline’s No. 9 barbecue sauce and Levi’s Rub BBQ rub are more than just great blends of delicious ingredients, they’re a true labor of love. In fact, our story began long before we bottled the first batch of our signature sauce. Our family loves to cook, and when the original Judge Cline’s sauce was brought to a family cookout by a close friend, we were blown away by that perfectly irresistible combination of flavors and wanted to learn how to make it ourselves. When we were gifted the recipe, we worked hard to recreate our friend’s exact mix, but it never seemed quite right. With dedication, hard work, and multiple experiments, we finally hit the sweet spot, and Judge Cline’s No. 9 was born! Our official barbecue sauce is handcrafted in small batches with all-natural ingredients to ensure each bottle is blended to perfection.

With the enthusiastic reception that our vinegar-based barbecue sauce received, we knew it was time to create the right seasoning blend to accompany our versatile sauce and we poured all of our effort into our Levi’s Rub, named after Judge Cline’s grandson. This sweet and savory rub includes a base of brown sugar, garlic, paprika, and salt with a carefully selected blend of spices that tastes amazing on pretty much everything. It’s the perfect BBQ rub for ribs, veggies, and dips, and just about anything else! In this video, Legally Sauced founder J. Cline shows you how to make our favorite potato au gratin dish, complete with 2 layers of sliced potatoes, shredded cheese, eggs, milk, and a healthy helping of Levi’s Rub. As a cooking family ourselves, we always invite you to try out our recipes and make them your own! We love to see how you combine our sauce and rub with other ingredients to create delicious, unique meals for your family. You might even find a new recipe for the family cookbook!

We want to make Judge Cline’s No.9 and Levi’s Rub available for everyone who loves great flavor, which is why you can find our barbeque sauce online and at stores across the Southeast. Our web store is stocked with 2, 4, and 6-packs of our sauce, half-gallon, and gallon jugs of sauce, 2-packs of our rub, and combo packs in singles and multiples to accommodate all of your cooking needs. We truly believe that Judge Cline’s No. 9 is the best BBQ sauce for sale online. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor, we can’t wait to get started! No matter where you’re located, you can apply to become a distributor online and help us spread the word about the best sauce in the Southeast, and maybe the world. But we’ll let you be the judge!

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