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Pioneer BBQ Sauce

We now have our very own, original BBQ Sauce! Our families settled eastern Oregon in the 1860s making their hard scrabble living farming the land and raising cattle. These hardy pioneers lived from the land and were thankful for the little they had. Harrod’s Cookhouse Pioneer BBQ Sauce was made to honor those that came before us. Our bold, tangy, and slightly spicy BBQ sauce brings out the pioneering spirit in all your cooking!

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]Aran’s cookhouse pioneer barbecue sauceis a recipe that we carefully perfectedwith the help of paradigm food works ourbalanced mix of tangy smoky and slightlyspicy flavors are perfect for all yourcookies get your supply of Pioneerbarbecue sauce at Martin’s market andKashmir dance food market in Leavenworthor online at Herod outdoors calm

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