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T2s Basic BBQ Sauce

This is a basic recipe. You can use this as a base and add your own twist to make it your own.
Cider Vinegar
Worcestershire Sauce
Granulated Garlic
Brown Sugar

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to t2s barbecueYouTube channel today I’m gonna show youguys a basic barbecue sauce recipe it’ssomething that we we use so you can takethis recipe tweak it out however youwant make it your own I’m just gonna goover the basics and in the descriptionafter the video I’ll list theingredients but I’m not going to givemeasurements because like I say you needto take the basics make it your own solet’s see if out getting started herewe’re gonna start out getting someketchup into our potwell yeah just gonna now we’re making abig batch we use quite a bit so not I’mnot messing around too much with it wantto make sure that that we’ve got enoughto to get us by for a couple of weeksthere we goI’m going to let all of that settle thenwe’ll come back to it shortlyall right I’m going to hit it with alittle bit of cider vinegar and thensome whoops wash your sister sauce I’vedone this once or twice guys so I prettymuch know how much I I want to use andwe’re gonna go in with some honeyall rightnow therethis is a granulated garlicand black pepper I use the restaurantblack pepper because it’s a larger flakeI’m making quite a bit so all right nowthen let’s give it a start[Music][Music][Music]this is my first time using the newemerging blender and I tell you what itseems to do a pretty good job so I tellyou what guys let me get this mixed upthe rest of the way and we’ll bring youright backyoualright guys so we’ve got everythingmixed while while you guys were away Iadded brown sugar to it as I say I willI’ll have all the ingredients listed inthe description and we’ll we’ll get itall all written down for you so that youguys can take it make it your own it’s afairly thick sauce andit’s not too shabby guys so thanks fortaking the time to spend some time withus we appreciate itas always remember to Like sharesubscribe and we just hit the big fouroh we’ve got a whole 40 subscribers nowso thanks to all of you and until nexttime you take careyou

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