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BBQ Pulled Wild Turkey Legs

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In this video, I cook wild turkey legs for the first time. I personally do not know anyone who uses the legs from their wild turkey harvests. This video was an experiment but it is also educational! This was one of my favorite wild game recipes I have created so far.

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Video Transcription

you know what is up everybody welcome tofox l outdoors if you guys are new tothe channel please consider subscribingwe’re pushing towards 1,000 subscribersand it really mean a lot to me if we canget there so for today’s video guys I’mdoing something I’ve never done beforeI’m cooking wild turkey thighs of allthe turkeys that I’ve hunted and killedover the years I personally have nevertried cooking the thighs for myself likemini turkey hunters people don’t use thethighs I’m one of those types I’vethat’s just how I was raised to huntturkeys I personally do not know asingle person that actually eats anduses those turkey thighs so one of mygoals for this year was to change that Iwant to use as much of that bird as Ipossibly can so instead of just restingit out and discarding the rest I alsosaved the thighs so the method I wantedto use today was low and slow in thecrock-pot I wanted to make barbecuepulled turkey it’s a really simplerecipe it’s as simple as an onioncarrots celery your meat some water andthen the crock-pot so for starters Iquarter it up an onion put it in thecrock-pot I then put a few celery stalksin there you don’t have to cut up thecarrots if you don’t want to you can putthem in there whole you can cut theminto big chunks I’m using these carrotchips because they were already slicedup for my son and he didn’t want themfrom there I put the meat in the crockpot and then fill it to the top withwater put it on high for eight hours inthe original clip I actually put it onlow which I caught that mistake luckilyput your crock pot on high if you have atimer on your crock pot set it for eighthours although you may have to cook itfor longerall right folks so this is the endproduct this is the same bowl that Ipulled them out of the crock-pot and putthem in whole it almost it kind of lookslike pork to me I meant it honestlyunseasoned it was just cooking in waterand then those vegetables that’s it italmost tastes like it almost tastes likea piece of beef to me so it’s definitelyvery good quite a bit of meat hereconsidering it was just two wild turkeylegs so now I’m gonna put a little bitof barbecue sauce in this and I’m gonnamix it up by hand I’m gonna be usingsweet baby Ray’s honey barbecueso I’m gonna finish this up and thenI’ll get back to you guys when I’m doneall right guys the end product I didn’tshow you the process of me shredding itup it’s pretty straightforward just letthe meat cool a little bit shred it byhand then after that I added in thebarbecue sauce and I ended up using apair of tongs it kind of makes it intowards the end hopefully it lookspretty good on camera but it looksamazing and it tastes even better so soI’m actually gonna be eating this onhomemade bread didn’t do a video on thehomemade bread but maybe maybe in thefuture I will so leave me a comment downbelow if you want to see a video on howto make homemade bread so I’m gonna giveit the old taste test with the homemadebreadoh manI mean honestly it doesn’t taste thatmuch different than pulled porkobviously the barbecue sauce kind ofoverpowers the the overall flavor of itbut even texture wise it’s not it’s notgamey it’s not tough it’s not chewy likeit’s honestly if you cook it right themeat should be already peeling away fromthe bone when you go to remove it andlet it cool before you start peeling itoff the bone by hand if you just cook itlong enough it’s gonna fall off the bonethat is really good and I’m ashamed ofmyself 100% ashamed of myself for nottrying this sooner this is amazing youguys need to start keeping your turkeylegs your thighs you need to keep themcook them in a stockpot cook them in acrock pot just start it in the morningbefore you go to work or if it’s aweekend like it is right now at the timeof this film just start it when youfirst wake up let it go for about eighthours I think I ended up cooking atabout eight and a half hours and maybebefore cutting the heat pulling the meatout to let it cool eight and a halfhours and of that time I maybe spent anhour not even an hour maybe 30 or 45minutes of total actual work to get thisdone the rest of the day I’ve beenoutside playing with little fox you guysneed to try this for yourself if youguys enjoy this video and you want tosee more cooking videos subscribe to thechannel let me know in the commentssection if you enjoyed it I reallyappreciate you guys feedback hope youguys enjoyed this and have a good one[Music]

13 Replies to “BBQ Pulled Wild Turkey Legs

  1. Awesome video buddy. Looked delicious. And thats a great BBQ sauce. Just curious as to why the legs aren’t usually used?, are they different tasting on wild turkeys?

  2. you sir are speaking my language! looks legit- im in. subscribed look forward to more videos on your channel- cheers

  3. That’s how you do it my friend good video!. My son in laws mom gets upset if you dont save the thighs and my grandmother always slow cooked wild Turkey thighs down. Good memories for sure. Thxs for reminding me of old times.

  4. Man that looked delicious nothing like a BBQ sandwich especially on some homemade bread! I’ve tried cooking up some wild turkey legs, they was good but tuff. The way you done it definitely looks like the way to go, thanks for sharing and congratulations on your channel success that’s awesome brother!

  5. Very good👍. I’ve always been a pull the breast out fella too. I think you’ve convinced me to change my ways. Looks really good!

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