BBQ Turkey Recipes

Grilled Turkey Burgers

Hey My Get Down Crew. Hope you guys had a great weekend. We are cooking up some delicious turkey burgers. Let’s Get to it! Ingredients Below.
Turkey Burgers
-1 lb of ground turkey
-1/2 of bell pepper diced
-1/2 of jalapeño diced
– 1/4 of a yellow onion
– 2 tablespoon of dash seasoning
-1 tablespoon of garlic powder
-2 tablespoon of lemon pepper
-1 teaspoon of black pepper
– 1 whole Roma tomato sliced
-roughly chopped mushroom
-1 tablespoon mayo
-1 tablespoon of mustard
-1/2 cup of olive oil
– spicy sliced pickles
– whole wheat toast
Cheese optional

Optional side
Grilled red mini potatoes seasoned with olive oil and dash seasoning to taste

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Video Transcription

hey hey hey I’m back again let’s get ithey how y’all doingit’ll be back in the place to be yo Peterecipe hey LP LP with lb all right therelet’s go on get wittyokay then baby I’m gonna get with y’ally’all know what I’m gonna bring y’allright now I’m gonna bring y’all somegood babyso get ready get ready get ready allright this is what its gonna be we’regonna make turkey burgers all right andall the greediest should go with it babyso get ready cuz LP and a place to beI’m trying to get it on oohoh wait give it to meall right I’ll see you guys in a minutey’all hold on I’m coming back with you Itold y’all I’m coming strong hmm allright let me stop y’all okay I’ll seey’all in a minute let me get with thisand get going I’ll show y’all what I’mgonna put down my rest recipe this stuffI’m gonna cook with it and we’ll getwith it okay god bless stay blessed staywith your prayers that’s the only thingsdon’t get you somewhere all right in aminute hey hey hey yo P and the recipeand the place to be is back again I gotmy ground turkey right here guys off onthe rap they don’t look they geteverything together here I’m gonna showy’all what I’m gonna get in it to win itI got my tomatoes I got my onion bellpepper about my jalapeno peppers I gotmy mushroom my lettuce my spinachand I’m getting all that together forthe turkey burgers guys something youguys see what’s happening right now sowe get to give him two guys in a minuteto finish taking care everything y’allsee I get down I’ll stay clean and Iain’t playingI’ll get mean right then so y’all hangin there I’m finna get this going andI’ll be right back we’re gonna get it inall right y’all I got my bell pepperhere I got my onion right here I got mymeat right here so what I’m gonna dofirst I’m gonna chop up a little Lpepper first I’m just gonna leave on aburger you know I’m thinking about thisman on the burger but I was you know Iwas gonna chop it up and putting this ona meat so let me lay this flat and chopit downgood for you guys okay all right nowgrab a big boy here and give me a babygetting inyouOh pull this open get my meat is myturkey turkey burgernow see what I’m gonna do here right nowthat I got my turkey to me right here soall I’m doing is lifting this up pullingit all off in here all inside my turkeyturkey meatreal pretty simple I said well you guysshould have fun yeah making mini buggersyou want to yeah you have a littlefamily get-together son you don’t youcan you know make turkey burgerssometime and I’ll start getting all thered meat all the time putting yoursystem you know do something Billy okaynow this is what I’m putting in theseason my – my lemon pepper y’all know Iuse it all the time on my real blackpepper see and I hope y’all see this mylemon pepper my – my lemon pepper y’allsee all that – and lemon pepper okayalright and this is my bar like righthere okay so you’ll see thatso that’s what I’m putting in here nowjust to mix it up and I loved I love -man no I’m sorry I cook with that soy’all can do what y’all gonna do -burgers any kind of season you reallywant to do but hey I’m showing y’all howto get down do it right hmm mix it allto come up with my burgers my burgermeat yeah mix it all up and y’all knowhostage smells so good that garlicsmelling it I’m gonna get ready to cutoff in a minute guys but I’m gonna chopthese little jalapenos upoh I’m standing real quick here get alittle spice everything is nice and I’msaying because I ain’t clean get thisbuy all the pink in here babyjust shout baby check this out you knowyou can do this just you know for thekids to this this is healthy for thekids now but don’t you don’t have to putjalapenos in there you know you just cutyou off like I just showed up withoutthis bit I put pepper in there and youknow my little seasons and stuff inthere you know but you can do that justfor the kids will put jalapenos I put itfor the strong people are the teenagersthey like hot stuff or whatever you knowI’m saying excuse meonce again okay all right now thejalapeno and throw it in here you seethat boom all right mixed it all updropped it all in there like thatokay guys so that’s done I’m gonna getback with you guys a minute gonnaall elseI’m for the dome okay guys I want totell to see one more thing to you knowthis is my onion here okay and I’mthrowing it off in my meat too is justas well okay so y’all see that what I’mdoing right now putting it off into themeat so I catch on a minute I’ll justshowing y’all what I’m doing right hereand I mixed it all in to like your sameway you know I’m saying the same way Samlaughing family alright okay alrightmight get down crew LP and the place tobe is back again for you show you knowhow to get it in I got my olive all overhereso we gonna sprinkle a little bit ofolive all over the pan right here babywe’re gonna get an end yeah we’ll makeit better so good we gonna make thesepaper so good I’m gonna have Maldenneighborhood all these burgers peoplegonna be cooking and during so look Igot confidence baby I got confidencebaby all right now I’m gonna show y’allsomething else again look at a turkeyburger ain’t that beautifulWow we look at all the acessories andall the season and in the holla piñasonion and bell pepper all in that babyand all the seasons I showed y’all ain’tthat beautifuloh wow look at that look at that okayguys we’re gonna get it in right now I’mgonna sip this burg on down I’m gonnaget all this stuff together here for youguys and I’m a grilli’ma grill my mushrooms my onions and mychocolate bell peppers and my cheese isgonna go on top y’all want to seeeverything afterwards okay you guys stayin tune I appreciate y’all and let metell y’all something else don’t forgetyour prayers and not the I’ll see thisgod bless you guys stay down for me itmight get down cool cuz we get down wedon’t mess aroundthat’s what we do we get down baby and Iwell I’ll tell y’all I kept surprise moso every way you guys just lping a placeto be once again I was gonna be quietingto show you all but I’ll talk a littlebit so whenever you guys whatever y’allwant to put on y’all how y’all Humbertowhatever I’ll your turkey burger youknow y’all can put it on just put alittle tiny bit of mail on there okay soafter thatI thought a pergola already got cheeseall over itsome people blow cheese and some don’tso if it’s cheese all over the burgerokay so now I got my mushrooms righthere what you guys see I won’t speakthem a mushroom over this those on themushrooms one over turkey burger okaythe mushroom the one of the turkeyburger right herethat’s what we wantall right now after the turkey burgergone y’all how to dress your burger hereif you want to dress it my way so what Iput down on your next is my grilledonions in my grill bell peppers okaythis is grilled onions bell peppersokay I’ll see that I’m gonna come backand show you all this I’m just a mineturkey ham already got bill cups andeverything about talking like he’s a lotof onion and built upon that come onbird okay so now look up a little bit ofbuilt up on there it’s already sawRamona you don’t have to put it on therebut you can put on everyone to justshowing you guys real quick and then wego close up okay I’m gonna show y’allhow y’all can address it which it willgrow onion it will bell pepper and y’allgonna see what else we got going on hereokaynow let me pull up my lettuce and nutsand bales and I put hot pickles on theresome sweet hot pit bullswe’re gonna use these today a little inthere just a couple more pill to see Imean people’s up and in this movie tinypicklesyou know put much just right here acouple pickles and that’s it that’s itfor thatokaysee the lettuce and everything I’mputting on you’ll see everything I’mputting on this they often do the sameway on y’all can do it a different wayy’all can use fresh Sun you don’t haveto use garlic I mean uh you don’t haveto use a grilled onion of real bellpepper but I prefer it for this dish soy’all seen the cheese everything righthe’s gonna use hamburger I mean I hold aturkey burger but I’m gonna put mylettuce on tomatoes two tomatoes okayokay you gonna sit on there get mypickles are already in there and that’sthe burger don’t Lee I got love for youguys god bless once again peace out ifyou want to go real hot I’m gonna dropsomeone yell on the plate to Josie tellme feel like thatall right so y’all seen ha do this I’mgonna close up and that’s what I used todo I spent a little must over mine norat the top you know understandand you can grill your bread you canreally good bread if you want to grillit really not I mean but this is some ofthis is one of the best burgers you canever have man I’m telling you it’s offthe chain you understand so you can justget mustard in if you want mustard Ilike I love mustard on hot burger sothis is turkey burger healthy for youand the kids guys it’s a guy in the jobokay appreciate you guys peace out I gotthese little side dishes on here you’llsee what’s on here to go with this y’allhave a good night god bless once againsay your prayers pleasepeaceyou

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