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BBQ Smoked stuffed turkey breast by Chef Ray


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Video Transcription

this video is called barbecue stop bullturkey breastmashallah Fox muscle massive breasts[Music]your choice this is a bit of an Italianstuff and I’ve made myself it’s Italiansausage sear Julien unloads or herbs andspices right in the middle of their makesure and then want to wrap the turkeyroamed it make that right we’ve got aturkey stock ruled I’m gonna picking itout we’re gonna fly them to you in thebig yeah and then we’re gonna forwardbit over then a crisscross optionright that’s am chicken the chicken theturkey stuffed rolled and bacon untiedright when you cook them on an entirerack every penny these huevosthey take them apart when I want whenyou use this shipment where works andone you’re not to get the corslet I knowyou don’t stop cooking on them to lot aChinook stick on these indirect heat sowe’re gonna put move the trees on theinside edge and we’re gonna shut the lidon that and put the grill on[Music]the chain off before is between 220 andto negative that’s till 20 there nowshow you would show you would chip inthere on your stop stuff from stickingin the middle or there one indirectwe’re gonna cooped up with the lidclosed check the heating then you’ve gotto get the center with an instant-readthermometer that has to go blue77 degrees C and then it’s cooked ittake anywhere between two and four I wasshut up there now see you in two or fourhours that’s been on for three hours nowour champion sent up the moment Ireading on there is 77 and out the ovenis 150 so that’s gonna be ready to teeit off now don’t youso right it’s not good for ten minuteswe’re gonna door but it Corvin you goesbox we’re gonna cook them thick thinones there[Music]no kinda hot you need to use briquettesyou can’t use blackboard chalk orbecause it won’t come so fast now go saythatthe humblest Buckner a minute I’ll bechopping other dinner a lot successfulJeffreyyou

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