BBQ Turkey Recipes

Roasted Whole 7kg Turkey, how to cook Turkey, Best turkey roast, Thanks giving special smokedTurkey

Hello teamo.

You can cook this turkey in the oven too, please use the same method, preheat the oven in to 160 degree Celsius and cook the turkey uncovered until u get a nice golden brown colour to the skin, once the skin turning to golden brown please cover the bird with a aluminium foil and finish the cooking..

Make sure team, pls do not over cook the meat, the internal temperature should be between 73 _78 degrees..

Rest the bird after cooking atleast 45 minutes.

Use your own herbs and spices to marinate the bird.

5 litres of brine should be enough to marinate 7 to 8 kg bird, use 500 grms of salt and 400 grms of sugar to make the marinade, Marinate your bird for
Minimum 24 hours inside a refrigerator.

Dry the bird before you rub the spices and butter to the skin..

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