BBQ Turkey Recipes


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BBQ Turkey Recipes

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Video Transcription

hello everybody how y’all doing todaylisten I’m about to show you how to makethe juiciest turkey that you have evereaten all right don’t go anywherestick around[Music][Music][Music][Music]all right so I have cleaned my turkeytaking everything all of the extras outthat I’m not going to need and I’m justgoing to season her up right now and allthat I’m going to be using is forseasoning purposes is regular salt blackpepper and xn and then I’m going to adda few other things but as far it’s justseasoning this is all that I’m going tobe adding some people may think wowshe’s a little heavy-handed with theseasoning and everything but to me tasteis everything presentation pretty isokay but if it does not taste good thenit’s to me it’s really just the waste oftime so we all agree to what just graythat’s why I’m there for them or overallall right so I’m poking some holes inhere before I get rid of to UM lay outthe turkey and then before I lay out theturkey I’m gonna put some bell pepperson here some onions green onions withstone called scallion all right and putsome lemon on hereall right and then I’m just going tohave my husband leave the bird up thereokay and I’m going to do the same thingto the top everything that I add it tothe bottom I’m adding it tookayall righta few jalapenos here not many you don’twant to make it too hot to where youcan’t eat it all rightall right we’re just gonna let the topdown on hereand let it ripall right so my turkey is readyI’m going to get ready to take it insideso that you all can see just how juicyit is I only wish that you all couldtaste the flavor all right I’ll be backlook how nice and juicy that is I justwant to get a close-up so you can seeall those juices look at thatmouth-wateringyou see flavorful hope you all haveenjoyed this session don’t forget toLike share comment and subscribe to mychannel and don’t forget to press thatpost notification bell so that each timeI post a new video you will be notifieduntil next time I will see you laterthanks for watching

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