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BBQ Beef Tenderloin Recipe

A quick and easy video showing everyone how to cook up a delicious beef tenderloin roast.


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

welcome to barbecue food for youI’m qinger and today we’re gonna beshowing everyone a simple easy anddelicious way to cook up a beeftenderloin roast on a Weber Kettlebarbecue following meatheads easy simpledirections from amazing ribs calm on thesecrets of beef roast let’s get to itstart with the top end of a beeftenderloin roast or any decent cut ofbeef go ahead remove any excess silverskin or fat then we’re going to takesome butchers twine tie it up and tryand make it nice and round next we’regonna add a little injection of butchersbarbecue prime injection just for alittle extra flavor just start on oneend simply work your way down give it alittle squirt every inch or two afterinjecting the roast with another layerof flavor simply take it place it in aziplock bag leave it in the fridge forat least two to four hours just beforeyou get your meat on the grill spice itup with any type of rubs or spices thatyou love to taste for this all we’regonna do is to put on some extra boldblack peppercorns and a little bit ofkosher salt beefs got a nice coating anda salt and pepper so let’s go get it onthe grill barbecue is all up to temp andthe woods starting to smoke away so wejust got our meat on cook it at 225until it hits an internal temp of 115degrees and we’ll give it a nice sear onthe outside after around half an hourkeep a close eye on the temperature andjust keep checking it117 on the end 115 in the middle and 113on the end once you have an internaltemperature 115 to 120 degrees simplytake the bead on it turning it every 30seconds or so and another quick littleroll smells great again another quickroll if you like your beef cooked alittle bit more than that simply bringup the internal temperature to 125degrees and then start searing it afterletting it rest for around 5 minutesloosely tented in tinfoil find theremove the string and slice it upwith the string removed it’s all readyto slice so let’s cut into it and seehow it looksmmm check that out nice juicy just cutsome thin slices off here just likebutter gonna make up a couple sandwichesmm looking good[Music]beef tenderloin roast it’s easy to dobarbecue food for you give it a try

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