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Beef Jerky Outlet Barbeque Flavored Pork & Alligator Summer Sausage

So was this any good & how much was it?

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Video Transcription

a my legion how y’all Don today I’mreviewing that the main review tonight Igot the beef jerky outlet pork andalligator stick and barbecue flavorednow this is the last item John and I gotfrom the beef jerky outlet in the MillCreek Mall I thought that was apermanent store there but it was just apop-up store I know telling Steven toldus about this November last yearNovember then John and I went there aweek or so later and I think he’s paidlike 60 sides no I paid like 80 or 90bucks on beef jerky and stuff and thedifferent things and this was actuallythese are actually the best ones theallegation six I wish I were bought moreof him these are $9.99 I think use thebest deal of everything there cuz it waskind you know beef jerky gets expensiveand it sucks it was just a pop-up storeby around December something like dad’slike I think his team said it wasreplaced by something else is like whathappened they said was just a pop-upstore cuz I asked the guy he said dothis it will put your an email this willsend me emails I didn’t I never seen anyemails at all but the guy gave us 10%off so he gave us one of these meatsticks for free so that was good I thinkit was the Buffalo wanting games forfree but this is barbecue flavor porkand our gear stick the urban Cove isjust all alligator but I mean they haveto mix it with some of its uh an exoticor something like thatUSDA screwing out there and just likethey ruin the whole MRE reviewing thingthen then mag in the litter box piecemm-hmmand that’s really good has a deep richflavor definitely taste the barbecue trypiece right hereyeah first off top kind of mob then youdo it get Ricker of Ricker flavor let’stry getting more in the barbecue flavorand all the little gaming the game eNOSof the meat this is really goodwell I mean this is the last beef jerkyoutlet thing at least some stuff Ibought yeah I like just rude while Igive this up 9 at 10:00 I which I justwatch over got more the meats did butthey had like a I’m a limited selectionnow it’s very goodnow in that tents I hope you liked thisvideo the beef jerky outlets barbieflavored pork and alligator stick well Iwould rather say instead of stick he’sthinking like a slim gamers only Irented a summer sausage this is morelike a summer sloshes to me I mean I’mprobably put another subscription summersausage so until next time bye pleasetake care of my Legion because you thinkstick you think slim jim or smokey itake care of buddy

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