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How To Make Harissa Grilled Skirt Steak with Broccoli Rabe | #StayHome With Chef Michael Symon

Chef Michael Symon makes a spicy grilled steak + broccoli rabe dinner, showing that you can make affordable cuts of steak from the grocery taste incredible.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

What are you putting on the skirt steak?Just salt and pepper,just a little bit of salt and pepper to start.Super easy.And then I have some harissa here, which is justroasted red pepper and chili puree with a little bit ofgarlic, salt, and pepper,but you could use any rub or marinade you want.It’s just a quick toss for the skirt.One that that I love about skirt steakAnd a lot of people keep harissain the drawer in tubes,or they might have it in their pantry.Yeah.You made that fresh from ingredients that a lot of peoplehave on hand, but they might also have it in a tube, right?Yeah, and if you can’t find it, just do another marinade.Use your favorite marinade, you could just dry rub it.Really, the secret here, the big thing is the skirt steak.It’s not a super expensive cut, it has as much flavoras any cut in the entire steer, and it cooks really fast.Yeah, it’s quick cooking and it’s super forgiving.It is.Yeah.’Cause it has some good fat in there.I was gonna do this outside today, but we hadsome limitations, so I’m grilling inside.So I have a little grill pan here.I have the skirt in the harissa.I’m gonna put a little bit of olive oil on there.We put salt and pepper, and them I’m just gonnaput it in a ripping hot grill pan.(meat sizzles)Now Mike is saying he wishes he could be cooking outside.Look, he’s got fire.Because he has been cooking outside.Yes.Mike, was it 47 days in a row on Facebook Livefirst for Food Network and then they turned it into a show?Yeah, so right after,I was driving to New York, Rach, to film,I got through the tunnel,and they called me and they said, “Food Network’s closed.”So (laughs)
Oh my God!I turned around, I drove home, within 30 minutes,you know all the powers that be, we’re on a call,we figured out how to film it out of my house,we did 47 straight days(smoke alarm blares)for Food Network Facebook Live.I just set off my smoke alarm, look at that!That is good stuff! (Rachael laughs loudly)So I’m just gonna keep talking and cook, Rach,Just keep going, just keep going!You and I have done plenty of live television,and we just figure it out, so, here’s what we got.The show must go on.So I have two anchovies in the bowl,and we just kind of mash up the anchovies,we’re gonna take a clove of garlic, smash it up,throw it in there with that,two lemons, that we’re gonna juice(smoke alarms continues blaring)in the bowl, and this is all for,in the pan behind me, I have some charred broccoli rabe,which I’m just
Oh, nice!That I’ll eventually put in this vinaigrette.So, two lemons,almonds,fresh mint.Beautiful.Some extra virgin olive oil.(Rachael laughs)What?So you’re just making a really nice, simple,quick vinaigrette here, I got you, John!We have our skirt steak grilled,I’m gonna set that down to rest,we are gonna take our rabe(Rachael laughs)My family are very good,not good at shutting down smoke alarms, apparently.So, we’re gonnaThat steak looks alarmingly delicious!Oh, no he didn’t!We’re turning off
So we toss the broccoli rabeSo the broccoli rabe, when it’s hot,it goes right into that dressing,so it just kind of absorbs
Right, ’cause you wanna meltSo, the hot broccoli rabe’s gonna help kind ofbreak down the garlic a little bit, melt those anchovies,and all the flavors come together.And then I’m gonna just take my broccoli rabe,put the base of it down right here,and I’m gonna save this little almond vinaigretteto put on top of the steak.Nice!Oh my gosh, look, we’re off, all right, now!Woo!The secret to making skirt steak delicious iscutting it against the grain.The grain runs short ways on the steak,so my first cut, I actually go with the grain,so that way it’s easier to cut theminto small pieces against the grain.So, I go with the grain here,and then I turn it, and I go against the grainthe other way.And that ensures that it’s gonna be nice and tender.So, then we just put the skirt on top of the rabe,we take our little almond mixture(spoon clinks against bowl)Ah, get that close-up, get that close-up!And then, it’s simple, it’s beautiful, it’s quick.Now that the weather’s warmed up,I’m taking Symon dinners outdoorsto show you that anything you can make inside of the kitchenyou could also make outside.Oh my god!My wife Lizzie is helping me cook.You’re the highlight of the show!And Liv is back filming usHey guys!And joining in the fun.So we start mixing that in the sauce.Will this be thick enough?As I make some of my favorite simple comfort foodsall outside.Oh my gosh, look, it’s fantastic!(cheers and applause)

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