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Beef Ribs on the Kamado Joe

Bbq Beef Ribs! A Texas bbq staple for sure. In this video I show you my way of cooking up some good Texas style beef using 2 different rubs. Man we’re they good!

Rubs used:
Spogos rub:

Cow cover hot:

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Video Transcription

hey and welcome back to sweet loosebarbecue today I’m super stoked becauseI got two plates of beef short ribs thatI’m gonna get on the quemado Joe I’mgonna put some think I got Hickory I’mgonna put some Hickory on there maybesome cherry give it a little nice colorbut these are meaty these are primethese are gonna get so I got two racksone is gonna get cow cover hot fromCosmo the other is going to get Spago’sfrom Oak Ridge BBQ and I’m gonna add alittle pepper on that one kind of goingfor one kind of Texas e style you knowpepper base and the Cosmo one I knowthat’s good too so I got the rub mightas well use it this is not really acomparison I’m not really gonna saywhich one is better because I’ve usedthem both and they’re both awesome rubsI mean yeah so that’s the game plan fortoday I’m gonna bring in in close on thecutting board over here and let’s getthe cookin alright guys here we go soI’ve decided that the rack on the Leftwe’re gonna go on with the Spago’spromote bridge and we’re gonna followthat up with just a little bit of pepperjust a little bit of extra coarse groundpepper because I love that that nicebark that it gives yeah so these otherrack we’re gonna go with the Cosmo cutecow cover ha and love this stuff it’sreally really good and we’re going touse a binder today we’re gonna use someWorcester sauce we’re sisters sure Shiresauce Worcestershire sauce however youwant to say it is how it pronounced allrightso[Music][Music]guys so as you see finish trimming andrubbingI got Cosmo Q cow cover hot over hereokras BBQ Spago’s with a little bit ofextra pepper over here they are gonna goto in the fridge overnight is 11 o’clockI’m gonna get them on fairly early maybefive six o’clock that’s that’s the gameplan whether that happens not reallysure I did have to take some fat off ofthis one and this one shouldn’t affectanything it is a little uneven as youcan see but I’d rather take it out sothe rub can penetrate into the meatshouldn’t be that big of a deal you knowit does happen with beef ribs it’s youknow it is what it is I mean that’sbarbecue you roll with the punches andyeah you end up with a great product inthe end so yeah that’s the game plan I’mgonna get it in the fridge put it on thesmoker in the morning I’m gonna show youthe grill set up in the morning so goodnight and see you in the morning allright guys good morning it is about 6:20on Thursday morning this is the grillsetup today we got Fogo charcoal to Fogostarters and I got some I got some oakand cherry I don’t know about maybe oneand a half two inch junks just spreadout might add some when the fire startsso I kind of like to let thewould kind of smolder a little bitduring the cook but I also like to haveI also like to have them going atcombustion when I start the cook but Ilike to get that thin blue smoke I likemore wood just kind of what works for meit doesn’t doesn’t really get oversmoked I’ve never really noticed it it’swhat works for me sometimes I go alittle heavy sometimes I go a littleless I don’t know the point is to kindof smoke the food so that’s kind of mythought again there’s a million ways todo it as our morning train rolls by yeahso we’re gonna go in with the regularset up today for the kymaro Joe I’mgonna go in with the deflectors then I’mgonna put a heat pit I’m gonna put adrip pan under the grate but I’m gonnarock this guy in here and yeah gonna putthe beef ribs on should aim in betweensix and eight hours that’s kind of thegoal today but yeah when I get the meaton I will actually I’ll bring it backone I get the fire lit and we get goingand the meat goes on and yeah it’s gonnabe a good day stay tuned all right gotmy morning cappuccino got my charcoalgot my torch let’s get it going[Music][Music]all right and this should be good so mygame plan from this point on I kind oflet this go for maybe 10 minutes ishthen I’m gonna shut it and then I kindof gonna I’m gonna put the deflector inwith the with the grill then I’m gonnalet it come up to you know let itstabilize my temp don’t know if I’mgonna use the Guru yet from just gonnaadjust the vents as I go you don’treally need to adjust much even for itbetween a six and eight hour cook so Idon’t know I do have some stuff to dotoday so I might throw to guru Ron notreally sure yet but uh yeah so I want toget this shot get this rolling and seeyou guys back when the meet goes onalright guys so I got the lid shut witha Rowan smoke just FYI I’m sure you knowif you watch these type of videos you’veseen this before and you’ve heard thisbefore this is the kind of smoke thatyou don’t want to put your food on yetalright it’s a little thicker it’s whitethis is basically all the it’s basicallythe charcoal coming up is up totemperature a lot of it sometimes it’screosote if you’re using briquettes it’sjust it could be grease from an old cookin the ceramicsyou know stuck on the thing it’s a bunchof different things wet and it’s thewood coming up to temperature to once itcomes down again thin light blue smokeyou’ll know what that is when you see ityou should barely be able to see it justsee like a little tint of it but yeahwhen the grills like this don’t when thesmoke is like this you don’t wanna putany type of food on you you gotta let itburn off yeah see you guys later so I’mgonna get these on we didn’t put a tempprobe in them it’s just kind of aguideline[Music]in three hours maybe two and a halfthree hours I’m gonna maybe spritz maybenot not quite sure yeahthat’s why I got it I just want to seewhat they’re doing with the temp probeyeah we’re gonna get going[Music]I want the ticker part to the fire[Music]we use your pants always we use your PIN[Music]all right so I’ll check back in maybetwo and a half three hours all rightguys it’s only been like 10 minutessince I came since I came back to youbut I just wanted to show you the smokebefore versus now see how it thinned outand you can barely see it that’s whatyou wantall right that’s it’s in my opinion nomatter how much wood is on there it’sit’s burning clean all right it’lldefinitely give you the more wood that’son there it’ll definitely give you moreof a pronounced smoke flavor but itwon’t be bitter all right it’s gonnagive you the bitterness in my opinionagain everything’s a three-hour argumentwhat’s gonna give you the bitterness isthat thick billowing white smoke theimpurity of it you have a dirty firethat’s what’s gonna give you that thatbitter taste all right but this this isthis is what you want yeah and everycooker is different get to know yourcooker you know it took me I’m stilllearning this thing just you know takestime so what I love about barbecue allright guys I’ll be back all rightsitting pretty at like 250 260 oh boyOh looking good not bad not bad not badokay we’re getting a little dryand the service is tip this a little bitall right looking good here I’m gonnaspray it with some 5050 apple cidervinegar and water let’s just spritz itup yeah that’s how about a hour and ahalf in oh my gosh yeah buddyoh oh my god I love it I love it[Music]all right sure you get it cold goodthis helps with the far formations keepthem moist you know I don’t know I’mgonna wrap them yet probably will maybenot uh see in a few maybe hour and ahalf fish all right we are back we areroughly four hours in I did come out andspray one more time at two and a halfhours it was looking pretty good so Ihave not touched it since that timelet’s see what we got I bumped it up to275 because I really want to get thatpart going let’s say oh yeah oh mygoodness great oh yeah yeah you okayyeah we’re good we’re going good hereall right so what I’m gonna do it’sgonna tip this tip it tip this one thisway a little bit all right looking goodnot bad not bad temper wise I think thisone is that this one I’m sorry thisone’s ahead of this one this one wasabout 180 this one was about 173 for yayou know I’m just gonna let it rock aroll when they get that bar going alittle bit more and get you guys butactually one thing I will do I think I’mup[Music]I’m gonna flip them around even cookingyou know love barbecue all right coolall right you check back on them maybein an hour I do want to wrap themprobably gonna wrap in butcher paperyeah see you back in a roughly an hourall right we are back we’ve is time towrap we are roughly five and a halfhours in let’s see what this bark islooking like there’s my butcher paperfalls to the floor oh my goodness yepwe’re there oh yeah oh yeah all rightall right guys I’m gonna take these putthem on my put your paper and I willbring you back for that stay tuned[Music][Music]all right tell you what I’m going to cutthis excess I’m gonna get a pack onthere and then I’m gonna foil that oneget that back on there and I will seethat all right what is going on we areroughly seven hours in I believe we arefinished saying we’re about 205 eachsome double-check do the paper I’m notreally looking for temperature justlooking for oh yeah yeah oh yeah oh yeahit’s going in the water now get throughthe paper first oh my goodness oh mygosh yeah oh yeah and I can’t really seecuz I’m hitting the bone but that’sgoing through that butter yeah not agood read there we goyeah about 200 201 perfect oh mygoodness gracious and I can’t wait todig into these there we go let me get anice spot here there we gosame thing 205 in this one yeah we’regood all right oh yeahalright guys tell you what I’m gonna gethim off I’m gonna get him in the cooleryeah and I’ll bring you back when I cutthem up and dive into him alright guyswelcome back we rested about hour and ahalf two hours she’s your finishedproductwe got Spago’s here on the right on theleftwe got Kosmos q on the right okay soit’s not really a comparison it’s justthey’re both good bark is great on bothof them I added a little extra pepperlike I said to the one on theon my left here all right so a moment oftruth let’s see I did not remove themembrane I did a lot of research on it Ifeel like it just helps hold the ribstogether because you don’t want themcomplete mush you do want to tender[Music][Music]alright guy let’s see oh man look atthat oh my goodness graciousstill juicy look at that oh my goodnessgraciousoh I love it I love it nice tell youwhat I’m gonna bring you guys up and I’mgonna take a tasterich BBQ Spago spite Allah spoke oh s—with the extra a little bit extra pepperoh my god I love beef ribs let’s see howwe didget yourself something good that’sawesome that’s all I can say Cosmo coverhot see how we did here good – yeah likeI said they’re both good both very goodyeah I mean I get the pepper in both youget salt in both they’re good good stuffumtenderness is spot-on they’re both thesame that tenderness wiseoh man this is goodhi guys I’m gonna wrap this up I’m gonnatake some pictures I’ll put that at theend like subscribe I’ll leave links downbelow to everything in the next one[Music]

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