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How to prepare and cook beef brisket – Al’s Kitchen

Today we take you through the steps taken from start to end when cooking beef brisket.

Below are the steps taken in order
1) How to trim the brisket (removing the important fats)
2) How to apply the rub (the rub consists of the following: black pepper, salt, chilli, cumin, coriander and garlic powder)
3) Adding bark
4) Timer/Temperature
5) Removing/testing brisket

Al is the owner and founder of Smokin’ Al’s BBQ, an American BBQ restaurants located in Rockdale.

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Video Transcription

hey guys I’m alpha and smoking hoursbarbecue today I’ll be taking throughthe steps of smoking this beautifulblack onyx brisket so here we have thebrisket in its entirety this is thepoint end which is a lot funnier thanthe lean ends we will now trim the fatfrom in between the muscles and alsosome of the cup fat in order to getabout one miller fat one to two millerfatthat way it’ll smoke more evenly andwe’ll won’t have big bits of fat throughthe meeting so here we have the brisketunpacked this here is the flat end orthe leyland of the brisket and this hereis the point end of the brisket which isa little bit more Ferrier now we’ll betrimming off this excess fat from thetop and the fat that’s in between thetwo muscles in order to have a nicepalatable brisket when you when you haveit so now it’s done if it trim the fatI’m using a 10-inch fill it ignore onlybecause the knife is flexible and I canget around the corners as I’m trimmingso when you’re trimming you want to makesure you get down to about one to twomeals even cutting a little bit likecutting through the fat that sometimesis not too bad because that just createsa nice bark on the main so as you cansee I’m getting down there’s some bitsthat are missing or bits that I’mcutting through which is not too bad ofcourse my marks always sharp because itjust goes through that fatso I’m now getting down to the flat andjust cleaning creating a mass curve it’salso aid in cooking that brisket evenlyand not having dark and white spots onmy crease on the brisket again so thisis when the flexibility of the mouthcomes through see how it’s bending withthe angle of the may that really holdsthat traditionally people just use abutcher’s knife which I found a littletoo rigid okay so this is about all thatwe want to trim off the top and be justa little bit hot more here so most ofthis will render off now now we’ll moveacross into the other side of thebrisket see that big bit of fat therethat’s pretty ugly to eat not muchuseful this fatty that this is a like avery big ugly solid mass of fat as youcan see it’s not hard and it’s awfulwhat we’ll do now is we’ll flip theBriscoeand the underside now this here is notnecessarily trimmed it just takes a bitof the fat off and also this trimminghere aids with the slicing of thebrisket after it’s cooked the knifesometimes gets held up on these bits offat and these and that the connectivetissue that sits on the underside of thebrisket as you can see I’m trying totrim off as little red mate as I canbecause that ends up into beingthat’s the usable part of the brisketand again you can see the flexibility ofusing a fish billeting north as opposedto usinga butcher’s lifeagain this that’s the other side of thatbig bit of fat that we took from betweenthe muscles because I now that we’refinished trimming the brisket now we’llbe applying the rub so the smoking elvesrub consists of black pepper salt chillicumin coriander and garlic powderso when applying the rub we try tosprinkle we want to get full coveragebut we don’t want to overwhelm thebrisket with the rub it’ll just end upbeing too salty and taking over thesmoke flavor what the rub does is createa beautiful bark and create and the saltwill penetrate right through to themiddle of the brisket as well generallywhen when you make a rub the best ratiosare to make half spiced and half saltthis is the back end of the brisketround so I Pat it down so all of the rubjust sticks to the meat and then we flipit overwe might lose a little bit but that’sokay most of what we haveand again goes for this side so what Ido I run the other hand along the edgeof the brisket because so the roddoesn’t fall off which we stick it on tothe edges and again as you can see I’mnot overwhelming the brisket with theruband I’ll do that by by sprinkling from aheight and as you can see I’m gettingfull coverage all over the whole brisketwe’ll be on this edge[Music]and now we’re ready to place thatbrisket in the smoker okay since you putsmoke a brisket today we’ll be using acook Shack electric smoker the electricsmoker only is this much about 3 400grams of iron bark that we’re usingtoday setting two straw and two drawsthese drawers will sit in amongst theelements the heating elements so nowit’s time to smoke the brisket we startby setting the smoke timer at four hoursand a half and we do that at 180 degreesFahrenheit setting the smoke at such alow temperature penetrates the meat alot better and you end up with a moresmoky flavor and then to further cookthe brisket we set it for another 10hours at 220 degrees and we cook ituntil it’s tender so this is a brisketthat we’ve prepared earlier so whatwe’ve done we’ve placed it in a traythis is for service or stays nice andmoist through the whole day we just puta little bit of stock in the tray andwe’ll place the brisket on top of it andwe’ve covered it and that’ll stay on ourhot box as you can see the brisket hasgot beautiful color on it and then whenwe prober it’s just there’s noresistance at all in any part of thebrisket and it’s fairly it’s it’sactually very consistent in itstenderness so this is a 12-inchVictorinox collar – brisket knife thescallops on the blade help the knifeglide effortlessly through the brisketso the way to test a good brisket is tograb it by the edge and lift it up andit’s two jars holding on but you can seehow soft it isyou

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