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How To Make Chopped Brisket – Smoked Brisket

On this video, I smoked up a 15 pound CAB brisket for chopped brisket on my Yoder Frontiersman. There are so many things you can make with chopped brisket, from tacos to stuffed bake potatoes.

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Video Transcription

so I’ve got a 15-pound Certified Angusbeef brisket and I don’t know what to dowith it chopped brisket it is stay tuned[Music]all right so I’ve got my 15 poundsCertified Angus beef brisket here and Idid throw it in the freezer for about anhour I think I overdid it maybe over anhour because this point froze up on me alittle bit but that’s okay this isactually gonna sit in my fridgeovernight I’m gonna go ahead and trim itand season it that way I can get upearly in the morning and throw in thesmoker not have to trim and season thebrisket at that point I can just get myYoder frontiersman going so choppedbrisket there is a local place here intowndesert oak barbecue that makes anamazing baked potato with choppedbrisket and I think I’m gonna duplicatethat baked potato with this brisket thatI’m gonna cook here so chopped brisketyou want to cook it just like a normalbrisket maybe a little bit over that wayit does make it a little bit easier tochop or shred if you will but other thanthat it’s it’s essentially gonna be thesame thing as long as the brisketstender we can chop it up so again 15pound brisket you guys know that I liketo start by trimming the edges that wayI have a nice fresh brisket okay getsrid of some of that oxidate oxidizedmeat on the edges and I am using a cutknife and I’m also using these cutgloves and I love these because theyextend a little bit further than yourwrists that way if for some reason theknife slips you’re well protected andyou do get one of these for free whenyou buy one of their sharpeners as wellpretty neat and you can buy themseparate as well so next thing is let’sremove this deco fat here and I’m gonnago this way and this knife is extremelysharp so I’m wearing a knife on bothends because sharp knives are you knowyou got to be real careful with them yougot to respect them number one okay juststart taking some of that deco fat offcorrect I’m gonna take a good chunk ofthis off just like that I’m gonna turnthis so I can see this a little bitbetter okay then I’m gonna dig in on theside here there you go get down in therethere you go take that whole piece ofDeco off you don’t need that yeah I’mgonna trim this down a little bit morejust so I can see it on this side youguys can see it there okay now you’reprobably thinking well that’s a bigpiece of meat there but not really okaylook it’s kind of thin but I’m removingsome of this oxidized brisket it’s notoxidized it’s the way that they processthese briskets that’s what you end upwith that kind of that brown brownishmeat if you will I’m just taking somemore of this deco fat off I need a goodfillet knife that fillet knife that I’vegot is nice but it’s a little longI need something to live a bit smallerjust taking the rest of this deco fatoff there we gothe more fat you remove the faster thisbriskets gonna cook okay you guys haveseen me trim plenty of briskets so I’mjust giving this a your rough trimnothing too crazythere we go you guys gonna be amazed atthis baked potato that I want to make infact Guy Fieri went to that desert oakbarbecue not sure if you guys saw thatepisode but he actually ate that bakedpotato that rich made at his restaurantso pretty neatokay take some of this fat over here offit’s a good-looking brisket it’s gotsome good marbling take some more ofthis fat off from the pointI’m gonna trim this point down becauseit’s sitting a little high like mybriskets nice and nice and round thatway the smoke kind of travels over thatbrisket okay so I’m just rounding it offnow let’s take a little bit off of thissidejust like thata little bit moral for this point herelooks goodcan let’s take a look at this fat nowyou got about half of a half an inch offat already so I’m going to take thisoff just like thatI’m gonna finish trimming this fat capand I’ll bring you guys back to seasonit up stay tuned all right so I’ve gotmy brisket trimmed and I got the fat capto about a quarter of an inch thick theywant to take all of it off because I’mgonna be cooking this fat cap down andmy odor frontiersmen the heat comes fromthe bottom so I want to protect thatthat meat so let’s get down with therubs I am using an SPGnow this SPG what I use is two-thirdsblack pepper i grind that myselfone-third salt and two tablespoons ofgarlic powder okay so I’m just gonna addthis as my base you can see the heavypepper and that’s the way I like togrind it get your sidesokay again that’s my base layer and thensome of the beef rib from Victory Lanebarbecue and add a good coating of thisjust like thisall right I’m gonna season this up it’sgonna sit overnight in my fridge and wewill see you guys tomorrow morning staytuned all right so it’s seven o’clock inthe morning and my pit is up to 325degrees on the bottom and top gauge solet’s put this brisket on there and I’mgonna be putting this with the pointtowards the firebox just like thatso 325 degrees now that’s thetemperature I’m gonna go with for aboutthe first hour so then I’m graduallygonna bring that temperature down toabout 300 and then I’m gonna settle itin between 275 and 300 so here we gostay tuned all right to our mark let’stake a look at the brisket and probablyspritz oh yeahthat bark is set points looking good sojust spritzing with apple cider vinegarand water mix it 50/50perfectso let this run for a couple more hourswe’ll come back and take a look at thecolor once I have a nice dark bark I’mgonna go ahead and wrap and butcherpaper so stay tunedalright so four and a half hours anothercook now and I am on the left side ofthe smoker and what I did is I wrote itat the brisket on the grate and now thepoint is pointing towards the exhaustand the flattest pointing towards thatfirebox and the reason I did that isbecause the left side of my smoker runsa little bit cooler so it’s gonna runabout 260 on this side now I can onlyincrease the temperature but I can alsocontrol it at 260 and that’s what I wantthe other reason I did that is if younotice the flat is a little bit lighterin color there in the middle and thereason for that is because the smoke wastrying to get over that point and I leftthat point pretty high it was a reallybig point on this brisket which meansthe smoke doesn’t really come over thetop of the brisket it kind of stopsthere on that point so that’s why it’simportant to trim your briskets as flatas possible but this had a really bigpoint so I left it on there didn’t wantto trim that down at all so I’m gonnalet the brisket get some nice colortowards the center there probablyanother hour I’m not even worried abouttemperature at this point I just want toget some nice bark on the center of thatbrisket so four and a half hours inwe’ll see you guys in one hour staytunedalright guys five and a half hours inand I’m gonna go ahead and wrap thisbrisket gonna try to hold onto thispaper because it is really windy as Imentioned earlier so this is what welook like again I got a little bitdarker bark here so let’s get towrappingI am using butcher paper trying topreserve that that fart all right so wegot the brisket wrapped up the internaltemperature is 180 so we only have about20 degrees or so or until the brisket isnice and tender so we’re gonna put itback in the smoker with a point facingtowards that exhaust pipe stay tuned allright so our brisket is ready and thetotal cook time was 8 hours and it hasbeen resting for an hour and a half it’sstill pretty hot I had it in my can broand those candles really keep thingswarm I got to tell you so it smellsdelicious by the way let’s see what wegot hereoh yeah smells delicious sometimes thepaper will stick on the fat cap andthat’s what happened here a little bitjust pull it off there we go nothing toocrazy so one thing that you want to dois identify which way the grains aregoing and I should have cut a an areabut the grains are going this way sojust gonna grab my my knife here let’sstart taking a couple of slices now whenthey make or when you make chopped beefor chopped chopped brisket it doesn’treally matter on the thickness of theslice or anything like that okay in factthe internal temperature of this brisketwas 205 degrees when I pulled it so thatmeans it probably probably we went up toI don’t know to 15 once in that cambroand it’s still really really hotme this good smoke ring look at thatthat is a bright smoke ring okay so toget your chopped brisket real simplejust get a few slices and again this isreally tender okaylay this I mean it’s just shreddingapart okay and that’s because I cookedit to a much higher temperature than Inormally would so all you got to do ischop away just like this doesn’t takeany effort whatsoever get some of thoseburnt ends in there mmm and that’s ityou chopped beef or chopped brisketlet’s give it a shotstay tuned alright before I try thebrisket let me show you the point sideand again get smoke ring real nice andjuicy still hot I don’t know if you guyscan see the steam coming off of thatthing but look at this it’s extremelyjuice you still okay so you can slicesome of this point meat up as well andmix that into your chopped brisket infact you can chop this whole thing upand make some chopped brisket sandwichesdo a ton of things I’m actually going tomake a baked potato with this choppedbrisket look out the for that video I’llleave a link to it at the end of thisvideo so you can see it but let’s giveour brisket a try here there you go mmmmmm that um so the majority of yourseasoning is on the edge on the outsideedges of the brisket that’s deliciousthe inside of itmmm don’t want the outside but if youget a piece from the inside make thisfor example that might not have a wholelot of flavorokay like the outside will so one thingthat I recommend whatever rub you use onthe outside sprinkle some of that rubalmost like you will pull pork just putsome in there mix it all up and enjoyyour chopped brisket thanks for watchinghit that thumbs up until next timeJoe smokey Joseph a barbecue see ya

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