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Oven Grilled Chicken Wings | Lunch Idea

Oven grilled chicken wings

1 kg Chicken wings
2 tbsp all purpose marinade (see link below)
1 Tbsp dried rosemary
Salt to taste

Homemade all purpose marinade

Green chilli sauce

Creamy Rice Porridge

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome back to my amazingkitchen and if you are new year kindlyjoin the amazing family by subscribingin today’s video I’m going to be sharingmy chicken wings recipe with you thisrecipe is so simple and yet transformedour ordinary lunch into a very specialone let’s quickly go over theingredients I have here 1 kg of chickenwings some rosemary salts and myhomemade marinade which I havepreviously shared on the channel and I’mgoing to link it down below in mycooking pots goes my chicken wings somerosemary saltand my all-purpose marinade I’m nowgoing to stir and make sure that everychicken wing is coated in that deliciousmarinade and rosemary when that’s doneI’m going to cover it bring it to myheat and steam it’s in its own juicesfor about eight minutes now I’m doingthis because I’m using organic chickenwings which has to be a bit hard andthat’s the only reason why I’m steamingmy chicken fast if you are using anysoft type of chicken you can skip thisstep entirely I’m going to line mysteamed chicken wings on my grill rackand Puppets in a hundred and seventydegrees preheated oven and save theirstock for some gel off or some steel inthe future don’t throw this stuff awaywhilst the chicken it’s in there doingthis thing I’m going to prep someveggies with which we are going to eatthis chicken I also have some oven friedrice well that’s a mouthful fries in theoven as well so I’m going to cut somecucumbers I also have some sweet cornI’m going to prep that and say that’sour side in a salted boiling water I’malso going to cook some broccoli I’mgoing to cook it for just one minutesafter one minutes I’m going to turn offmy heat and under cold running waterquickly rinse the broccoli to stop thecooking process nothing turns me offthan soggy broccoliand after about six to eight minutes ourchicken was done now I’m going to plateit and we are going to enjoy this withsome fries and our veggies we preppedlook at how beautiful the chicken turnedout and we just feel ingredients and inno timewe have been able to create thisbeautiful spread homemade mealsshouldn’t be anything complicated thatis why I keep reminding you that cookingshould always be fun and exciting so tryto cook each meal with love and see it’sradiated through the hearts of yourfamily thank you so much for watchingguys and see you in my next video bye

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