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Grilled chicken breast recipe


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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s me Patrick somebody andtoday we’re gonna cook some chickenbreasts and now the chicken breastrecipe is very simple you have to cut ithorizontally in half and the onlyingredients we’ll need salt pepperoregano garlic powder and red paprikaand that’s it like always you’ll need touse pincers and place the chicken on thegrill now this is a grilled chickenbreast recipe it is very simple if theplace is just like this like I am andwhat this one’s a bit long and that’s itthat’s how we do it like always keepyour chicken in check and you have toflip sides and it has to be this goldenbrownish reddish color because I’ve putpaprika onto it and it’s really simpleonce the chicken is done it’ll have tolook exactly like this very beautifuland very reddish brownish and goldishcolor very beautiful you know do thesame procedure with the rest of thechicken it’s all up to you right now andgood luck to youmy friends once the chicken is doneit’ll have to look exactly like thisvery beautiful and very stylish nice nowthis chicken recipe is very simple youwill need like I mentioned well Ihaven’t mentioned but this is the recipe2 teaspoons of salt 2 teaspoons ofpepper a pinch of garlic powder a pinchof oregano and a pinch of paprika andthat’s it you’ll only need like this Ihope you really enjoyed this videowatching me cook thank you very much forwatching this video like commentsubscribe the link to my Instagram andmy Facebook will be down in thisfriction box below thank you very muchfor watching and I’ll see you next timepeace

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