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Grilled Chicken Breasts

Grilled chicken breasts can be a little problematic. They don’t cook evenly and you end up with underdone or dry and chalky chicken breasts, but there are a few simple steps you can take to get juicy and delicious chicken breasts.

Butterfly and pound your chicken breasts (or by chicken cutlets which are much thinner.) Watch the video to see how to butterfly and pound. You want to slice through the thickness of the chicken breast and then pound the
breast to even it out. Having a thin chicken breast of equal thickness assures even cooking. I like to buy large packages of chicken breast and butterfly and pound them before freezing so I can quickly pull out chicken for grilling and not have the mess each time I grill chicken.

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Video Transcription

hello I’m a refeed baka feed your familytonight calm and today we’re going totalk about grilling chicken breasts itis finally nice and warm outside whichmeans grilling season to me and thelowest skinless chicken breasts are oneof the most common things that peopleare grilling next to burgers and hotdogs but they can go wrong really fastthey can get dry and chalky you have toworry about them being undercooked orovercooked the first thing is getyourself an inexpensive instant-readthermometer this one was less than $15I’ll link to one similar on the recipeat feature family tonight calm you wantto get your chicken to a finishedtemperature of a hundred and sixty-fivedegrees but when you take it off thegrill it’s going to continue to get alittle bit hotter so you want to bepulling your chicken when it’s about 160161 degrees and an in-stream thermometeris the best way the next thing that’s alittle problematic about chicken breastis that they are not uniform you haveone end that is thin one end that isthick they’re not an even shape andwe’re going to solve that problem bybutterflying the chicken I have here myyellow plastic cutting board this iswhat I use for meat and when youbutterfly the chicken you’re going totake your knife and you’re gonna slicethrough the center of the thickness ofthe chicken and fold it in half now thisis a traditional butterfly where it’sall one piece but I’m actually going totake it a step further and I’m going toslice it right down the middle so I endup with two pieces of chicken breast nowyou could throw this on the grill justlike this but if you want to havechicken breasts that cook really fast onthe grill and cook nice and evenlyyou’re going to want to pound them nowyou can use a meat pounder if you haveone I don’t have a meat pounder so I usea cast-iron skillet I have this cutelittle mini cast-iron skillet that isperfect for this task and when you panthese chicken breasts you’re gonna putsome force onto it we’ve got thatplastic wrap on top and then we’re gonnapound them[Applause]before I get started with chicken Ialways like to get a little bowl of saltand pepper and I sprinkle it on top butI have a little bowl so I don’tcontaminate the rest of my salt andpepper because I’ve been touching rawchicken and you’re gonna watch sprinklesalt and pepper on both sides of thechicken breast and then you can let thissit for a few hours if you’d like andthis salt will penetrate through or ifyou don’t have time this salted beforeyou put on the grill or you could put itin a marinade I have my tequila limechicken which is a really great and easymarinade for chicken or I have an Asiandressing I’ll link to both of those inthe recipe for this because it makes areally good chicken marinade that youcan put in several hours and get yourchicken ready in the morning or thenight before and then put it on thegrill when you grill these it’s going totake about three minutes on the firstside and about one to two minutes on thesecond side if your grill is screaminghot and you have the burners on high sothis chicken takes about five or sixminutes to cook on the grill it’sdelicious it’ll be juicy you won’t havedry chalky chicken if you have anyquestions about this recipe you can askthem in the feed your family tonightFacebook group

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  1. This chicken breast is so juicy and delicious I know you are going to love it! Check out our salad playlist for awesome salad ideas. New salad videos are always coming. Keep cooking! Xo Healthy Foodie Girl 💕👩🏻‍🍳

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