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Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings | Game Day Wings | Well and Tasty

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Video Transcription

hi guys I’m Tina welcome back to Ellentasty in today’s video we’re making somechicken wings when it comes torestaurant style chicken wings it’susually fried in this video I’m gonnashow you how to get that same quality ofchicken wings but they so it’s a littlebit more healthy now if you’re hosting aSuper Bowl or maybe a game night or youjust want some chicken wings this videois for you but before we get in let’stalk about one of the first secretingredients so this is a Kabongo oil Iam married to an East African and sothis is my East African connection thisoil is amazinga Kabongo oil is from Rhonda it’s Rondonchili oil and it’s packed with flavorsbut very hot so if you like heat trustme you are gonna love this and the coolthing is that you can buy this online soyou can have a little bit of Rhonda inyour homes I would definitely recommendit and so I will be using this intoday’s recipe now we need to watch thevideo for the second ingredient so let’sjust get started we’re gonna make sospice blend by combining onion powdergarlic powder cumin smoked paprika herbthe Provence and for the second secretingredient we have some baking powderthere is a scientific reason for thisbut I’m not getting into that but trustme let me summarize by just saying thatit causes this chemical reaction thatgives that same deep fried texture thatwe are going for now we’re just gonnaseason those chicken wings with somesalt and pepperand then add in the spice blend that wemade earlier just toss that chicken andall that spice blend till it’s wellcoated[Music]next we’re going to line a baking traywith some aluminum and place a bakingrack over it then transfer the chickenwings to the rack having the chickenwings elevated like this will promoteeven cooking and make the wings evenmore crispy which is gonna bake thewings at 425 degrees Fahrenheit you wantto then go in and flip the chicken wingsevery 15 to 20 minutes or sothe chicken will start to look pasty andeven powdery but as it cooks its gonnarelease its own oils and only get moregolden and crispy after about 50 to 60minutes you are rewarded with thisincredible chicken the skin is dry andcrispy almost like it was deep-fried Ifind that if eaten naked as is you stillget little hints of baking powderbut when mixed in a sauce the bakingpowder taste disappears so for our spicybarbecue sauce we’re just gonna mix somebarbecue sauce and a few drops of that aKabongo oil remember this is really hotso go easy and just use a few drops thenyou’re just gonna toss your chickenwings into that barbecue sauce chili oilcombination and make sure that it’s wellcoated then you can just serve it up andenjoy these are perfect wings for anygame day or even hosting friends over orjust for yourself they’re really thatgood so I hope you guys enjoyed thisvideo don’t forget to subscribe for evenmore videos and I will see you in mynext one take care guys bye[Music]

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