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Yellow Rice and BBQ Chicken

I wanted to share how I make my yellow rice with veggies & irresistible BBQ chicken. Hope you like it! 🍗😋

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay so here I’m just basicallydefrosting the vegetables I guess andthen here I’m gonna add the seasoningsokay that looked like a lot but itactually wasn’t because when you put thewater the water kind of like theseasoning gets lost in the water so Iactually had to go back and add moreseasoningyouI don’t have any exact measurements Ijust use this tall cup fill it up withwater and I put the same amount of riceor a little bit less ricehere is where you want to actually tasteyour water because that’s how your ricewill tasteI almost forgot about my Goyle packetthat’s the one with coloryounow I’m just washing my rice I washed ita few times before we’re unclear likethisI let this boil for about 10 minutes forthe vegetables to soak in all theseasoning and then I add my clean roastyouI left the rice covered 420 ministrywithout opening it and it’s readyyouI cut these slits like a few slits inthe chicken so the seasoning can getinside and so it can cook all the waythrough and now we’re frying it I don’tknow if it’s some theory that I made upin my head but I always fry it with theskin down because I feel like it makesit crispieryouhere I’m cooking at about mediumso we decided last minute that we wantedour barbecue half regular so I’m justcoating them in barbecue and then I putthem in the oven for like 12 minutes

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