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Thai Barbecued Pork with Curry Salad, Thai Cooking Show Tutorial, Excellent Outdoor BBQ Meal,

Thai Barbecued Pork with Curry Salad is a very delicious dish, it has a tasty barbecue flavor with a refreshing taste from the mixed in salad with lime juice.
This meal is eaten with rice or sticky rice, though its a litle bit spicy but not too much and served for lunch or dinner.

****** This is an excellent meal for cooking outdoors on a barbecue. ******

This Thai dish is easy to follow and easy to make and ready to serve in about 45 minutes. I used my charcoal cooker though any barbecue is great.

Shoulder Pork 2 Kg
Fish sauce
Soy sauce
Garlic juice
Roasted ground rice
Thai salt
Cayenne pepper
Black pepper
Raw sugar
Spring onion
Saw blade coriander
Fresh chili
Water cress
Rice or sticky rice

nb Thai salt is MSG, alternatively you may use sea salt or ordinary table salt.

Original of the video here

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