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How to make BBQ Ribs secret sauce **EXPOSED**| Oven Baked homemade Ribs

How to make Ribs secret BBQ sauce **EXPOSED**| oven-baked homemade ribs
We made the best bbq sauce with the best ribs on the planet.
Pork Ribs Rub
-2 tbsp adobo cooking with my doctor
-2 tbsp olive oil
-2 tbsp white wine vinegar
– 2 tsp dry oregano
-1 squeezed lemon
Secret Bourbon Maple BBQ Sauce
– 1/2 Bourbon Whiskey
-2 tbsp maple syrup
– 1/4 pound smoked bacon
-2 tbsp brown sugar
-2 tbsp tomato paste
-1 tbsp dijon mustard
-2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
– 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
-1/2 onion small diced
-2 tsp garlic paste
– lemon zest

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Video Transcription

welcome back to my kitchen guys weredoing an amazing recipe today we’redoing pork spareribs with a bourbonbarbecue sauce homemade right in mykitchen and your kitchenso what let’s start a cookie right so wegot the pork ribs over here spareribs wegot the baby back ribs and got spareribs is Paris for this recipe firstthing that we’re gonna do we’re gonnaremove the membrane while we’re gonnaremove that membrane because you onefall off the bone ribs so let’s do itright you got my start with a littleknife over here kind of go between themembrane and the bone right once youhave this little piece that you can holdto you’re gonna get a paper towel if youdo it with your bare hands it’s veryslippery so you’re not gonna be able todo it all right all right so we gotenough here let’s get some paper towellet’s remove this membrane same thingyou’re gonna do with baby back ribs seeit’s correct okay sometimes comes outvery easily sometimes you got to workaround it but it’s completely worth itthe work to remove it there’s adifference between having amazing fullof the bone ribs and perfectit comes comes me out real easy take allthis bamboo out right readysit work on the Rob that’s the thingthat goes into the ribs and it leavesthe favor what is cooking so the rub isvery important I’m gonna use cookingwith my doctor because that’s all theGreens that one has aquatic has thegarlic powder the all the Audion potterthe marine the turmeric everything in itit’s beautiful no MSG very clean flavorwith the cookie met doctor all rightyou kiss perfect little bit more rightnow rightis that solvent and already so we’re notgonna be able we’re not gonna be usingany other salt has kosher salt flaky sois this all that I want for my ribs Ishould just take it off right but that’sokay no this black pepperthis has already black pepper in it butI want to use a little bit more crashblack pepper fresh oregano Ohsome olive oil apple cider or white winevinegarand some lemon juice right we’re gonnamix all this together[Applause]or it with point papers[Applause][Music]all right and then don’t do those threehours see you guys later- three hours get in the oven they’regonna be there for around three and ahalf hours they said 200 hours I’m goingto start making my barbecue sauce thebarbecue sauce will take about half hourso let’s tie the barbecue sauce we havefor the barbecue sauce we have the Jomonstorycooking with my doctor garlic pastetomato pastemaple syrupdiced small diced onionsbrown sugar lemon says I’m gonna takethe sets out of the lemon I’m gonna showyou how now some watches there’s highersauce bourbon whiskey you can use anyother whiskey but I like the Bourbonbecause it gives me the wood flavor Iwanted my ribs and some baconhickory-smoked bacon measure you usesmoked bacon because that’s what’s gonnagive me the smoked flavor to my barbecuesauce let’s go to the pot and to ourbarbecue sauce we’re gonna start withour break-in I’m gonna have the bacon alittle red then we’re gonna cut the fatout of the bacon cooking for about fiveminutesthen you could actually remove the baconor you could cook your sauce with thatbacon and then before put into my bulletyou take the bacon out all right you arethe finest Colin beautiful nicebacon who doesn’t love bacon heart[Music]about five minutes then you startgetting that beautiful amazing tasty fatand that’s what we’re gonna startcooking art on him alright cooking withmy doctor garlic facewooden for about two minutes just untilthe audience start stuffing it up abouttwo and a half minutes two minutes myowners already softened the smell thearoma says they’re just so amazing rightwhen you start smelling all thatbeautiful garlic and audience had thebacon together then we’re gonna add ourtomato paste and we’re gonna cook ourtomato paste for about five minutesyou wanna wanna start doing that butit’s called the Maillard reaction whichis one that sure start caramelizing sowe’re almost ready you see the bottom ofthe can you don’t want that to burn yousee all the flavors and all the sugarscaramelize our dirt so I’m gonna goahead and add now my Dijon mustard we’regonna have to vinegar we’re gonna cookthat so the vinegar just be salt andMindy so puts it about two minutestrying to start spreading that aroundthe bottom disaster favor that one intothe sauce so now we’re gonna add ourmaple syrup brown sugar soy sister sauceabout a tablespoon a little bit more andthe king of tonight bourbon but aquarter cup of bourbonnow we’re gonna bring it up and we’regonna simmer it for about 20 minuteslast I’m going to add some lemon zestlet’s take your peeler just kind of golike that boom just just let it sit for20 minutes so we’ll be back in 20minutes when our sauce look thatdelicious produce almost by half sowe’re not gonna take the bacon stripsout this can you discard or give it alittle cold let it show and give it toyour dog you can also put it in the ovenI may make it crispythat’s the moisture in it let me makesure I don’t have any more bacon in itlet’s go ahead and blend the sauce theend of our barbecue awesome oh sodelicious guys smooth let’s takeeverything out of the pan sureeverything is out of a pan[Music]I have blended I’m more using a magicbullet but you’re welcome to use yourblade through whatever you havebut make sure he’s very good wintogether that’s perfectopen it it’s very hot so but it’s verycarefully so you don’t get burned lookat that let’s see itOh smells so good that bacon thatbourbon the wood is so beautiful now letit show that it cool and we see you inabout two hours because we’re gonnafinish our most amazing ribshey guys so it’s been three and a halfhours now let’s take these babies out ofthe oven and let’s see what happenedright you wanna come with me let’s goover half hours at 275 so let’s look atthose babies I’m sure they’re crispythey’re nice let’s see how they are ahso ah it smells so good this baby’salright one two oh the smell I wish youcould be spoiling this who are you gonnabe doing that pretty soon when you dothis baby’s your kitchen so very tendervery soft Wow incredible so now we’regonna let them cool for about half hourand then we’re gonna please give me mygrill very high heat so this lid them tocool a shelf and let that first thingssettle down and then we’re gonna go likeI said to do so guys we’re here nowwe’re starting our fire we’re gonnaguide the ribs and we’re gonna just whenthe fire is really really hot we’regonna sue them on both sides put thebarbecue sauce on top and boom we’ll bereadyso once your grill is really really hotas you see what you gonna do is he’sgonna brush it barbecue sauce on top allover your barbixas you’re gonna turn ityou’re gonna cook it on both sides forabout three minutes and that’s it

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